Road Rage

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jjp23, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. I suffer from this and it sometimes shows it's self at the most inappropriate times. I consider it to be an illness very similar to tourettes.

    I am just seeing if anyone else has a similar problem and how to prevent it?

    Personally, i don't mind if a driver makes a mistake and it's obvious it is an accident. However i do mind when the driver is just an absolute fcuking shite driver that shouldn't be allowed on the roads. This leads me to get angry and have outbursts of rage.

    For example, on Sunday i drove my sister and mum to visit my dear old grandma. We picked her up and off we went to have a nice dinner. Then, at a roundabout in the centre of Wolverhampton a stupid cnut cuts across two lanes and i had to slam my brakes on to avoid the twat! This shocked my frail gran and i lost it, i had without realising, used my horn like ever before, opened the window and started going fcuking ape shit at the now stationary car in front. Further down the road, the twat decides to slam his brakes on for no reason other than to cause shit, i don't like to swear in front of my family apart from my old man. So i felt bad on my family, but i was fuming.

    My solution to the problem is that we all carry tazor guns, if the other driver is a cnut you are allowed to shoot them. But another driver must agree who is at fault otherwise it would just get stupid. Also, only wimmin can shoot wimmin and if you are over 65 then you either can't drive or acknowledge if you are shit at driving might die when tazored. If you are seen tazoring people for no reason your gun is taken off you leaving you no choice but to drive without fcuking up.

    Anyone else suffer from this and have any ideas?
  2. Pistols at dawn should cull the twats quick enough
  3. I'd have liked to have tazored that muppet who was up my arse on sunday in Wolverhampton. I had to slam on to get him to drop back a bit. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. You cnut, just you wait till i see you :violent3: !
  5. I personally like the song. One of Catatonia's good ones.
  6. Ah, road rage. I so often hope that my fellow road users can lip read. The rag top Rover is fun. Comments and advice to cyclists can usually be heard; for miles.
  7. I take it you might not live in the Smoke ?

    Here we have: Mini cabs (mostly foreign divers) White van men, bus drivers (mostly foreign), lycra clad cyclists (spit !!) and that dreaded monster The BLACK CABBIE !!

    All of whom, without exception, consider themselves the owners of the Queen's highway.
    All of whom must be either blind, deaf (or both), or so convinced in their driving/riding skills that they are totally devoid of road common sense or common courtesy to other road users.

    Any comment as to their skills elicits a verbal response in the vernacular at full volume and bile, and the inevitable digit display.

    And yes, I have occasions of road rage, though I usually just curse a bit in front of Mrs WM and then receive a stoney glance akin to the Hydra look from her - makes me go quiet .... until the next tosspot cabbie/minicab/vanman/bus driver/cyclist cuts me up.

  8. Well if you'd seen me cut accross that island you wouldn't have had to slam on would you?
  9. Another problem i have come up with today is, shit drivers combined with snow.

    Right, I live in a smallish town and we get bad weather and snow alot (not much this year as yet, only a couple of showers). But what i fail to get my head around is why the fcuk peoples driving abilities go down the shitter because of some white stuff.

    Some people refuse to take their cars out and others rev too much and don't move anywhere. Some people drive to quick and others slam their brakes and wonder why they don't stop. I have seen drivers do all sorts of stupid things. It isn't hard though, do not rev too much, do not go too quick, do not do anything sudden and stay in a high gear.

    Right, as you may expect i have another solution to this problem. If you crash your car as a result of driving like a twat and try to make an insurance claim then you are told to fcuk off and pay for it yourself. As a result you have a choice 1. Learn to drive sensibly 2. Stay at home and 3. Drive like a mong but be aware if you cock up like you definatley will then pay for any damage to your car and any other cars you damage.

    Or my last option (simply because i like the sound of it), you get sentanced to death by snowballing.

  10. Hmmm road rage. I shall ask my chauffeur if he ever gets it.

    Edited because I have cold hands and am having difficulty operating my keyboard in a smart and soldierlike manner.
  11. The sawn off shotgun that I carry in my glove box usually persuades people to stop cnuting about in their cars, when waved in their faces, its a beautiful thing!
  12. Ah, so your one of those 'every one but me' sort of chaps. You're probably the worst of the lot.
  13. Road Rage Karma

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