Road Accidents


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Living in rural Canada for 10 months, I saw some "interesting" accidents on the roads, however I think my father in law could win an award for his.

1970s Chevy 1/2 ton pickup (big beast of a truck), tyres very much the worse for wear comes down into the snow covered gully enroute to home, sees the snow plow (truck tractor unit with a plow blade about 6 foot tall) coming up out of the gully, he brakes, the plow driver brakes...both of them slide and smash into the other....the plow has a few scratches on the plow blade, otherwise zero damage.

Father in law however came off much worse, front wing of the truck was ripped back like paper for about 14 inches (1.5mm steel...the thing was built like a tank), he got slammed into the door by the impact and left a man shaped dent in the driver door, the dog smashed into his other side and last but not least he smashed the steering box off the frame...still managed to drive home and crawled from the truck to the house....stupid fecker refused to attend the hospital despite being told he probably had internal injuries by several people :roll:

If I can find the pics I'll post them....scary stuff.

Closest I came was a large skid at about 80km/h, hit ice and just avoided a semi coming the other way at 100, managed to get it going back the other way and rolled into a ditch....funny looking back...not so funny at the time.


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Here's some pics of my accident.



One witness report stated "I saw the underneath of the car as it was vertical and flipping 3 times down the road before landing upside down in the ditch/stream"

Myself had landed in that gorse bush to the right of the first pic after I had come out of the passenger window. I was driving on the way to work at the time.

I won't go into the story as I've put it all behind me. But I was very very lucky indeed.


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Yes it could've have been, no other vehicle was involved in the accident, thank god as well.

The Ambulance dudes and rozzers both stated when they turned up the first thing they thought was a possible fatality due to the nature of it. They hadn't seen me in the bush at that point. The stream was pretty full flowing at that point too.

I still thank they day how lucky I was. It was 3 years ago now.