Evening All,

Not sure if this is the right area to post in, sorry if it's not,

I'm currently going through the application process to join the Kiwi Navy and I just wondered if anyone else on here has been/is over there?



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I have no idea what you're throbbing on about.

Any helpful reply's would be gratefully received

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Cheers mate, I did see that, quite an old thread though, doesn't seem as many lads doing it these days.

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It maybe worth a shot on one of the Oz or NZ military forums - odds are you'll manage to latch onto a Brit currently serving.
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You talking from experience?

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Not personally but I have known two blokes from my branch leave for the RNZN as Combat System Specialists and come back at the first opportunity claiming they were farmed out at every opportunity and treated as second class citizens. They weren't enamoured at all by the experience. One of those blokes was a total throbber though so I took his Kiwi Navy dits with a pinch of salt, the other however is a good honest bloke who told it pretty much the same way.
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