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Discussion in 'History' started by skipperjim, Nov 15, 2012.

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  1. Many of you will have accepted that the much loved Royal Naval Auxiliary Service is a thing of the past. WRONG. Central Scotland RNXS Association is an active organisation fulfilling the objectives of providing comradeship & training throughout Central Scotland. Our Training Department operates 4 sail training vessels from our main base on the Clyde servicing the training needs of our members and the general public. We are a proactive organisation that is committed to continuing the ethos of the ex-members of the RNXS. I was the GNXO for Central Scotland in the old days and am now the Principal of our Training School. Do you miss the good old days and fancy getting afloat again? Contact us on [email protected] :hello2:
    On a sadder note, Hamish Wilson of Inverness Unit passed over the bar on Tuesday aged 72. Any of his old comrades who would like to pay their last respects, there will be a Service in Inverness on Friday 23 November. Contact me for details.
  2. Any word of Mike Bull, ex-CDO and former GNXO Inverness?
  3. I have not had contact with Mike Bull since the Service disbanded. I believe he set a Pet Taxi business near Inverness, but my wife (Ex-LNX Dorothy Wilson) believes she heard a rumour he had crossed the bar.
  4. Many congratulations for keeping the old service going.

    I was a member of the Bristol Branch of the OCA but finance and several moves made it impossible to continue my membership.

  5. I feared as much. Mike's parents lived near my grandparents in South Devon. They used to meet in the pub each week and even went on holidays together. Mike acted as liaison officer whenever our MCMVs visited Inverness in the mid-1970s. He set up some cracking ship's company parties hosted by the Provost who remained eternally grateful to the RN (and generous with the food and drink) for lifting him off the beach at Dunkirk.
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  6. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    Great stuff. I am assured that the City of Inverness remains as supportive as ever of HM armed forces, despite the sad demise of HMS Inverness (M102), and that there has been for a few years a very successful RNA Branch in that fine city:

    I am also told that the Inverness branch of the Sea Cadets (TS Briton) is even stronger now than it has ever been:

  7. Sorry, must have had a senior moment. I meant the mid-1980s.

    Incidentally, the Sandown Class minehunter HMS Inverness was sold to Estonia in 2007 and renamed Sakala.
  8. Mike Bull (Ex GNXO Inverness) is alive & well and is the Editor of the ~Inverness RNA Newsletter.
  9. Thanks Jim. I'll get in touch.
  10. Jim - Further to my last, I've been in touch with Mike and caught up on old (and new) times. He mentioned he had chatted to your wife earlier. Thank you.

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