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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by simonjgriffithshr, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Could anyone confirm, please, whether the RNSWA contact details are correct on their website (here) as it appears to be quite out of date.

    Also, if anyone knows, could they PM me contact details for the instructor/coach co-ordinator for the ski champs (I remember seeing it in Navy News a couple of months ago, but must have recycled the paper).
  2. There's a new website:www.rnwsa.co.uk
    This went live on 4th Sept. The old website will auto-direct in a few weeks time....we've had problems finding a geek to do the website. If you are stuck, get your hands on a new Yearbook....contacts in there.
    The instructor head-honcho's details are on the wesbite and in the book. Drop me a line if you get stuck.

  3. Excellent, thank you.

    I guess I'll have to send off another membership application form... :oops:

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