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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Stav, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Ok I'll include Comcen and Rinella, fantastic 2 years, lived in Paceville opposite, more or less, the Hilton. The Roundabout pub just down the road
    run by "Arthur and Alex". Wrens, holidaymakers, wives. Worked 24 about for the whole time. Discovered Zeebug when Eskimo couldn't go through the canal because the "Seven Day war" started and had to spend a couple of months in Malta.Challenged by the guys at Zeebug to darts match, realized that I might just have made the right decision to have gone "R" and not "L". After Eskimo, spent a year at Pitreavie and Castland Hill, then, the only time I actually got the draft I wanted. Only 3 single blokes there looked after by 2 Maltese chefs, we had to find other accomodation after 2 months or move into Angelo, which is when we moved to Paceville.
    Loved it.

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