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Published on Friday 26 August 2011 15:44

Many of you have been recalling your youth on the dance floor and at the bars of Joanna’s, the old night club destroyed by fire earlier this month.

The Southsea night spot, (also known as the Royal Navy School of Dancing) with its papier mache tree and glue-like carpet, was a huge favourite in the 1970s and 80s.
At the time of the devastating blaze on the seafront I asked for your memories and possible pictures of the old haunt.
One of those who came forward will ring bells with dozens of you because he was your first point of contact when you finally got in after queuing along the seafront.
Ray Harwood, of London Road, Cowplain, is now 69, but for the 16 years between 1970 and 1986, he was one of Joanna’s doormen.

He says: ‘There can’t be anybody who visited Joanna’s in the 70s and 80s who didn’t know me and my colleague Chris Wilson.
‘We worked the door every night and I like to think it was our friendly faces and calm attitude which kept trouble to a minimum.
‘They were a wonderful 16 years which, if I was asked, I’d do all over again,’ he added.
Neil Miller got in touch to say how sad he and his wife Debbie were to see the pictures of the building. Debbie was so touched she popped down to the seafront from their home in North End, Portsmouth, to pay her last respects.
Neil says: ‘We met at Jo’s in March 1987 when I was a young matelot on my first visit to Pompey from Plymouth.
‘We married in 1988 and have lived in Portsmouth ever since, had two wonderful children and became grandparents four years ago.
‘Between 1987 and 2003 we had some great nights sticking to the carpet, including my stag night.
‘In 1988 my sister also met her husband there and they have been together ever since.
‘It was sad when she closed and emotional to see her end up being destroyed by fire. The memories we have of Jo’s will always remain long after they demolish the building.’
David ‘Pony’ Moore was also prompted to write with a memory from 1977.
He says: ‘A group of young girls came down from Southampton to celebrate a birthday. They ended up in Jo’s where they came upon a slightly inebriated young matelot, namely me.
‘One of the girls caught my eye. I asked if she wanted a drink. I went to the bar thinking I’d better sober up a bit, so bought two tomato juices and returned to the young lady only to find out she can’t stand tomato juice.
‘We’ve now been married for 31 years with two lovely grown-up daughters and three grandchildren.
‘Every now and then the carpet or the tree come up in conversation. Never forgotten.’
And someone, who just signed herself Alexandra, e-mailed with her vivid memories.
She says: ‘I don’t recall Joanna’s because when we went it was in the very late 1960s and early 1970s when it was the Crystal Lounge.
‘You still stuck to the carpet, but they had good music, dancing and a lot of Pompey fans dressed in Levi Sta-Prest, Ben Sherman shirts and Doc Martens.
‘I remember a Chelsea fan being dangled from one of the windows one night.’