RN's youngest CO sails up Loch Ness

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Well done Lt Mcmillan,his mum looks familiar,it will come to me later maybe 8)
  2. Anything in a skirt looks familiar to you shipmate. :D :D
  3. Thats true oh its so true 8) ,ive rag baged and shaged em in my time,Its come to me,she worked for jennyside party in Honky fid during the 80`s :lol:
  4. It's come to something when URNU bosses look younger than you do...
  5. It's come to something when a URNU boss's Mum looks younger than you do!
  6. Bet he didn't run it aground at Fort Bill though ;-)
  7. But did she love you long time for only $20
  8. Nelson is a top bloke, we were in the same entry and his cheeriness could only ever make period zeros go that little bit quicker!
  9. I will agree with Alfred the Great on that one. Was at BRNC with him, he is a really sound bloke, and for a skimmer is also very good at his job!!
  10. I see youve also been aquainted with " the ladys of Hong Kong" :lol:

    Ps cost me 15 dollars cos i was so good looking :wink:

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