Lantern Swinger
So, I was at a careers event, talking about my ambition in the Navy with the advisor at the Navy's information stand, when the Careers guy said that a good way in would be to join the RNR, and then join the regulars if I like it.

It sounds like a good idea, but I might only be in the RNR for 2-3 years before leaving to join the regulars. I don't know if this is an overly great suggestion, joining the RNR in a rating role, even though I might only spend 2-3 years there. Can any of you shed a little light on this? I would be interested in this, if it's doable.


Lantern Swinger
They are happy with it to be honest, its understood by the grown ups that the RNR can be used as a recruiting tool for the regs. I know several friends who have done it and many more who plan to do it including myself. They get some useful time out of you and if everything goes pete tong in those three years they still have a body to mobilise.

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