RNR~WarSea or Diver?!?!

I am 16 and just joined the RNR which I see as an amazing opportunity etc etc. I understand that you do not choose your branch until you pass out of phase 1 but I am wondering what would be best.
I have dived 5 times in my recent BSAC Ocean Diver course and I'm not that experienced but the idea of EOD as a regular seems thrilling to me. However, having said this, I most defiantly want to be an officer and preferably warfare (I understand a sub-specialisation can be a diving officer). I did want to be a pilot but I've changed my mind. I understand there is a new scheme where you can transfer from RNR Officer to regular officer without having to go through the entire recruitment process (is this true) so I am looking at this as an option... But... What do I choose for 2 years whilst doing A levels or whatever I do depending on my GCSE results in a week :0 WarSea seems like an awesome branch as an AB handling weapons such as L85, GPMG, Minigun, Glock and more so that is also an exciting aspect and I also think that to some extent this would give me an insight into the regular branch, (as this is cool I'm also looking at a deployment at 18)... But I am unsure. What do you shipmates think? Thanks


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You don't choose a branch until you're about to head off to Raleigh, so you're looking around 6 months plus, especially with getting time off from school, before you have to choose. Get in, learn from the people already in branches, see the less "cool" aspects of life and make an informed decision.

Oh and theoretically you can bypass Phase 1 training as an officer or rating, but the amount of RNR experience you need to have makes it a significantly longer process than just joining up as a regular as soon as you can. It's not designed to get 18 year olds with a few weekends into the fleet.
Roughly how much RNR experience would you need for this? I understand they're not going to just take a midshipman who's been at BRNC for 6 weeks training...
I would forget the idea of a transfer from RNR to RN as an officer unless you plan to do it when you are about 25+.
A recent transferee had spent 3 years in an URNU, 7 years in an RNR unit and 10 months mobilized!
He was given a waiver to "miss" BRNC & Fleet-Time, and joined the professional course(es) for his branch (which was a Loggie)

As for transferring as a rating, you will most likely have had to have mobilized, and as mobilisations are normally after you have become an AB1, you'd be looking at a minimum of 18 months to get through Phase 1 (Raleigh), then probably 3-4 years as and AB2 in your chosen branch, then a 9 month+ mobilization. And similar the Orrificer, you would simply "miss" the 10 week Raleigh course.

You are obviously very keen and enthusiastic - and that is a good thing - however you may find that your well-intentioned comments and questions may come across to some as a way to try to short-cut the system. I don't think you are, I think you are exploring all the possibilities, however on this site, stand by for incoming!

Good luck & what unit do you expect to join?
And also BJP
what course do the RN or RNR run that is
"I understand they're not going to just take a midshipman who's been at BRNC for 6 weeks training..."

I'm not aware of any - RN = 10 weeks, RN = 2 weeks (at BRNC)
Thanks SR, I have just joined Flying Fox. Got my second night this week. I understand the program is Project Hermes??? If I'm correct. What I am wondering is (being my psychometric will become out of date next November) will I have to go through the entire tests and interviews etc. for a transfer? Will my AIB still count?


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You have to admit, he's very keen!

Young man, do Maths and Further Maths A levels, apply to the RN as an Engineer Officer and the RN will commit Human Sacrifice to take you on. I've some good friends at FOX - PM me and I'll steer you in their direction.

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