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This is a promotional / recruitment film for the RNR dating back tot he late 1980s early 1990s (and therefore features some appaling wooden narration!). On the plus side it shows the RNR at work at sea on River Class sweepers of 10 MCM and also other roles such as medic and media relations.

I have burned this from the original VHS to DVD - if someone can advise how I can rip from the DVD to a reasonable size computer compatible file, I'm quite happy to host it and make it available to any who want it. I can also no longer use the original VHS tape (I don't have a video any more) so if anyone has a burning desire to own this ship-spotting trivia let me know and I'll investigae shipping options from here in Canuckistan!


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jesse650 said:
a copy of the dvd......might be an idea flags cheaper than shipping a vhs cassette
If the DVD only contained the RNR bit, I'd have no problem with a straight copy; however in the interests of expediency prior to the move, I was filling the DVD up with anything and everything off VHS and as a consequence there are family videos on the disc as well. If anyone knows of a DVD ripping tool that will allow me to select one item from the DVD I can re-author it. Suggestions on a post-card.....


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Not sure if this will work but its worth a try.

If you have windows media player you should be able to open up the DVD and select which items you wish to burn. Tick the relevant videos and click the burn disk button. It should save it while you put in anothe blank disc to burn it on to.

Hope the above works!!!


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McGrew said:
Nero will do the trick - available via bittorrent.
I have a pukka copy of Nero 7 - unfortunately when I try to recode it comes out extremely blocky. Still working on it!
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