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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Kitsunegari, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. Got my RNR uniform last week and was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on how it should look? Silly question, yes, in that it should look smart, clean and flat as a pancake. But people keep spouting nonsense about opposing creases in the shirt and so on and so forth, so I'm a little concerned about doing something utterly moronic beyond reprieve when I sail in on Tuesday for the first time wearing my new and otherwise shiny gear. I'd ideally like to be free of any scrutiny from the officers throughout the evening - I've already seen the odd person suffer a (reasonably kind) rebuke, and would rather make sure I'm on the ball.

    My beret's looking delightful though which is rather nice, I'm sure you'll all agree.
  2. I imagine you will be shown how to do it, therefore don't be in a rush to put the wrong crease in to the shirt. Just iron out the fold-creases, brush polish your shoes a few times, and then you can be shown how to do it properly without leaving legacy mong-creases all over your kit.

    And man-up about taking bollockings you fairy.
  3. Crease down the sleeves, a crease down the front and back of the trousers.

    Just line up the seams on the trouser legs and iron the edges. I'm a scranbag though, to be fair.
  4. Ah, make you long for the good old days.

    Entire weekends at sea on a Ton Class Sweeper, wearing overalls, Coastal Forces Jersey and steaming bats.

    In the unlikely event of being alongside on a Sat evening, Nos 8s at a push for gangway duties.

    Off for a Sanatogen and a lie-down.
  5. If you're referring to 4's (8's to us old gits!) then make sure you've washed your shirt. Not entirely sure it's the case these days, but they used to be impregnated with a fire-retardant chemical that made newbies itch like f**k and gave everyone else a good laugh, knowing what's coming after seeing the initial pride of the new guy wearing his uniform for the first time and feeling like 'the man', then looking like a proper chopper and acting as though he (or she) has prickly heat.

    You have been warned! Lol!
  6. AWD's when I came in..
  7. It doesn't matter how cack your rig is just make sure you have a big sharp bullshit crease across the back and all attention will be averted.
  8. Bullshit crease FTW
  9. Seconded.

    I even iron one into my cricket shirt to mark me out as better than everyone else.
  10. All my civvy clothing has bullshit creases, I have even introduced the power of the bullshit crease to the TA with great effect.
  11. I once got asked byt the skipper of the Anglesey to iron his civi shirt as his steward was on leave (we only had one on board being small ships). I gladly did iron his shirt and ironed an impressive union flag on the back.

    He was so impressed he never asked me to iron his clothes again 8)
  12. Did he comment on your artistry, Tommo?
  13. Didn't comment he more grunted, especially after I switched his eppaulettes over so the loops were going the wrong way earlier in the day and changed his screen saver on the lap top.

  14. Fair game - if he couldn't take a joke he shouldn't have joined. I was once called to the bridge as a baby Subby whilst about 80nm offshore to take a shore telephone call - and fell for it!

    Best trick I saw with epaulettes though was to put 2 left handed ones onto a shirt and then point out that the owner was going backwards - absolutely no way to fix it and the guy spent a hell of a long time trying to sort himself out before it dawned on him what the problem was.
  15. 8's(or 4's now) should have a crease down front and back of trousers same as all other trousers and shirt down sleeves same. To save yourself any "shiny" lines you should use a tea towel or cloth, I got one from woolies when it was open, brilliant bit of kit, nice and light and I use it for all my ironing..

    Regards 4's most people dont use cloths on the creases, I do because I dont liek shiny lines and when im mob in the 90's used to get ulled up for it but never got into real trouble for it but still use cloth to this day on all my uniform including my greens as i like to look smart.
  16. The "bullshit" crease, I heard a story once when a young AB that the only people who should have this was matelots who visited DQ's, dont know how true it was though
  17. The BS crease is axactly that and if you look like a scran bag in every other sense then it is BS that no one will notice!
    Wash, dry and iron your clothes - one crease down each arm on your No 4s shirt or your No 3s shirts for that matter, one crease down the fron and one down tha back of your trousers.
    Polish your shoes/steaming bats and if you don't know how to 'spit & polish' yet, you'll be taught soon enough.
    And don't worry too much about not knowing everything about being in the Navy - no one else on this site does either and it doesn't do us any harm!!

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