RNR-Transferring from Rating to Officer

I had my Psychometric test today, and scored just high enough to get an officer worthy pass, and I was 'asked' why I had applied to join as a rating and not as an officer considering my educational background.
Rather than go though all the hassle of having to almost re-start my application from the ground up, is there a way to officially transfer from rating to officer status down the line? (RNR, Engineering technician)
Any advice/abuse is welcome.


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If going into the rnr ask yourself what is it you want to do? Broadly put ratings specialise in beng experts on a specific area, gaiming supervisory experience as they progress. Officers take in a management and leadership role meaning they oversee wider areas of responsibility. Both have pros and cons and you need to ask yourself what is it you are joining for and what appeals to you - being the expert on so ething specific or managing and overseeing it.

Be aware that in The rnr beong an officer can generate a lot of extra paperwork on something that is a hobby!

It is very easy to become an officer once in, but if this is your goal i would suggest starting out as early as you can on that route rather than waiting to do it later when there may be more hurdles to jump through.
This helped quite a bit, thanks! I would rather be an expert on a specific task (more down to the kind of person I am). I'll stick with rating for now, and might consider officer once I've got more experience under my belt.


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You'll probably find that your JRs mess has plenty of people educationally qualified to be officers who have no interest in the distractions commissioning brings. Unless you're certain you want it joining as a JR first is a good idea.