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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Green_and_Blue, May 13, 2013.

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  1. I am looking to join the RNR.

    Was wondering what the options are if you are able to give more time than the 24 days. Ie if you have a few more available weekends than the minimum required.

    It would be useful if answers where spilt between Initial Training and Post Training.
  2. I can only speak from my own experience.

    Before joining a branch, I think there's not a lot of scope for extra. The NE weekends are planned well in advance and until you've done Raleigh there won't be much else you can do.

    Once in branch, however, it really depends on your branch. I've had years with the bare minimum, and I've had years in which I've done 40 or so days (and I know people who've done a lot more). Your unit will need to approve you doing the extra days, but in many units there are some extra days in the budget that can be handed out. Some (all?) branches are heavingly busy and often have to gap billets on exercises and the like; the rapid pace of mobilisation only increases this.

    In short, once you're in branch, you can almost certainly do extra days if there's something that needs doing.
  3. Welcome to Rum Ration, G + B.

    Which RNR Unit is most convenient for you?

    London - HMS President | Royal Navy

    Northwood - HMS Wildfire | Royal Navy
  4. @ Soleil - Thank you. I am looking at HMS President.
  5. There are national new entry training weekends which are planned well in advance.

    There will probably regional training weekends which will be open to NE's.

    There will probably also be in unit training weekends which you will be able to attend.

    After RALEIGH you should be able to attend any training weekends your branch and training to date allows - e.g. once trained to use a weapon, you can attend the shooting weekends (you may be able to attend before then as admin staff).

    There is very little restriction on MTD's at present - the main restriction seems to be on transport - as per usual. Usually as a result of officers using their own car to travel on a training weekend when the lower decks are crammed into a minibus.

    Fill your boots. Go out recruiting, Crowborough weekends etc. I'm going to rack up 50+ days easy this year although I do have lots of different hats to wear in the unit which means lots of meetings and days for preparation etc.
  6. Can some one please outline the new entry training in a little more detail. What is covered and how long it takes?
  7. G&B
    a call to the unit normally does the trick, as you will have so many suplementarties, but in a nutshel:
    A dozen evenings at your unit (learing how to slaute, dress, iron etc)
    A weekend learning some militaisation
    A weekend learning about marinisation
    A week at RALEIGH learning how to fire the rifle
    2 weeks at RALEIGH for your final conformatory course.
    Can be done in 6 months (if the planets align) or moreoften 12-18 months
  8. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Where actually are you? If you're South of London might I interest you in HMS KING ALFRED, RNR flagship unit ?:headbang:

    (Stands back, bracing for abuse LOL).
  9. Trainer,
    Thank you for the offer. Logistically HMS President is the logical home unit as I can be easily decanted home after the mess tap runs dry.

    I was asking more along the line of subjects rather than time.
  10. Do you cover stuff such as, say, navigation? Knots? I'm a keen yacht sailor but am in the TA, partly as I always assumed the RNR stuff wouldn't be very relevant to day sailing etc

    Plus I didn't know there were Direct Entry officers in the RNR, I thought they were all ex-regular, as that's what I was told when an RN cadet! Mind you, that was yonks ago.
  11. So as a TA bod and sailor how much would someone like Welly find that was actually new? (Other than the no stamping drill).
  12. There have been, then there weren't, then there were again: it's varied over the years whether you could come into the RNR directly as an officer, or join as an AB and then go for AIB. Advantages and disadvantages to either route...
  13. That's fair enough - apologies though: not that it matters, but I meant officered entirely by ex-regulars. The bottle of red I'm drinking whilst watching the cricket added the DE bit.

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