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RNR training facilities


Hello there, although not part of the RNR as of yet, I have been advised to join this site by members of HMS Cambria, in order to gain some information about the RNR. As a full-time student, I am still wanting to continue with my studies, whilst being a member of the RNR. If allowed, could someone please provide me with some information for where some training bases are within the UK. I Already know about HMS Cambria and what i believe is known as HMS Eaglet...
I have looked for the information on google and looked on a website previously to that, which google chrome doesn't seem to want to remember, and I have obtained no information from this search.
If any information can be provided, in preparation for my future career within the RNR and my further education, I would be grateful if you could help me.
More specific of a location needed is to what RNR base is closest to Bath Spa University, as this is my first choice of university.

thank you all very much!



War Hero
13 units across the UK - depends where you want to be really.

Impressed you think you'll get a career in the RNR though ;-)


War Hero
"Pm me and I can send u details of the recruiting office at hms flying fox "

But SR - I PM'd you, and ever since then I've been getting creepy late night phone calls with deep breathing - are you telling me that I'm not the only one for you?
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