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RNR to RN transfer


Whats the current policy / procedure (if their is one) for said transfer, if you have qualified as an AB, would it be day one Raleigh, or transfer to a branch you wished to join (all be that day one branch training)

Their are a couple of old threads on this but not sure if circumstances have changed recently


War Hero
It depends on the Branch Manager of the RN Branch you wish to join.

Most currently serving, fully trained RNR Ratings would transfer as a "Part-Trained Re-Entrant" (PTRE) as they are not fully qualified in their new RN branch, join Raleigh take the RNFT, MST, Weapons Test, get issued their kit & then pick-up a phase two training course for their chosen branch.

Having said that, I've come across RNR Ratings with considerable "service" within the RNR that are required to undertake Initial Naval Training (INT) and indeed come across similar individuals that most definitely needed to undertake INT due to their lack of currency.

Those transferring as a PTRE usually join on the new entry rate of pay until such time as they are at trained performance standard & they go back on to a relevant trained rank increment level - the Branch Manager will give the individual the specifics in the "Approval To Process" letter.



War Hero
To be honest, if you want to go into the RN then just crack on and join the RN and not the RNR. I know of some people who chop across, but its not for everyone and I think realistically you need to have skills or abilities that the RN judges worth taking a risk on to put you into the training system / fleet at a certain point. Otherwise it can all end in tears...
The system of sideways and seemless transfer is up and running and has worked. It took some time, and some tears, but it is there and several Reservists have taken advantage of it. It has also been introduced for Orrifficers, and one has just joined the baby Pusser's course.

As NJ points out, it really depends on your experience etc, and I have known reservists ABs who have mobilised return and do the full 10 week RALEIGH course, whilst others have JUST SPENT 3 days there. Horses for courses, and it does work.

Good luck


War Hero
Not always as simple as that PT. The original poster may be going on to further education in which case joining the RNR in the mean time is a good way to see if it's what you really want to do while studying.

Also- I'm with NS on how it can work. Go to Raleigh for some admin to be completed before going on to your specialisation training.


War Hero
I'm not sure why you woudnt want to go back to Raleigh. Seriously knowing what I know now I would go back again it would be piss easy and a good laugh to go with it. 10 weeks out of a career is hardly a big deal.


War Hero
Two points about this particular route of entry:

Firstly, make sure you closely follow the advice in the joining letter. It's shoes, trousers, shirt, tie/or suit for blokes, and blouse/on the knee skirt or trouser suit equivalent for females. It will be an expensive and lonely homeward trip by way of a lesson otherwise.

Secondly, pay heed to the advice in the letter to take all issued military kit with you or you could again learn the salutary lesson the expensive way.


I am currently studying on a City and Guilds Course, so whilst i aim to complete this i thought the RNR would be a good opportunity to see what RN life was like. The question was then a case of whta happens when i complete the C&G course and whether it is back to day one or a straight transfer (all be it specialist training).
But thank you to all who contributed as it gives me the options to work on
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