RNR to be cut by 20%

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Jim30, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Todays DT is reporting that we face 20% cuts to our 2900 manpower.
  2. this was aired before chrimbo, it will be worse than you quote.
    CMR thinks no compulsary redundancies. dead wood felling. 8O
  3. Any link so we can read this info for ourselves?

    I suppose this has now turned the recruiting drive on it's head....

  4. Has anyone seen a rudder?
  5. Yeah!! I've got it!!

    Where are we going?
  6. Sadly, I'm affraid I believe this is the future, the writing is on the wall!!

  7. If 20% is for real then it would mean the closing of more than one Reserve Training Centre me thinks.
  8. Or at least their satellite units.
  9. your satellite unit is better manned, pro- rata than your main unit. maybe they will close you ? :wink: :wink:
  10. misquote, fcuk it. only pertains to dunkers. :oops:
  11. Last time I heard our strength was only 2100 anyway..the figures that were described to me by someone very senior were that the figure would be 2000 and that we were at 2100 anyway !!

    Despite the hard time recruting etc I still think the RNR has a bit of deadwood that could be trimmed mainly officers....hence no compulsory's I imagine!
  12. So much for the past week recruiting in Leeds train station!!!

    Just remember who not to vote for in the next election. That said, would any of the others be any better.

    Its about time the RN turned around and told hier Blair and Co that enough is enough. No more wars til we have them men and ships to do the job.

    If only that were possible.
  13. I can just see the Argies rubbing thier hands together as we speak.
  14. Perhaps they should freeze promotion for Ministers starting at the top? When one resigns/retires s/he won't be replaced - as a cost-cutting measure - the savings could contribute towards their increased allowances!

    Thus when TB resigns, he shouldn't be replaced by a PM but only by a Minister - on lower pay and of course the lower pension. This would also benefit the taxpayer in another way too - should he have to retire on grounds of ill health or resign after a year an a day, he wouldn't then get the full PM's pension as at present...

    ...alternately perhaps they'll allow all service personnel to retire on a full pension after completing a year and a day's service? Now there's an idea! :D
  15. Without revealing too much, I think that they already are.

    Given these defence cuts, I would not be at all surprised to see the Argentine flag over the Falklands before 2012.
  16. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Would that be 2012Z or Local Time; local time would at least give us a few extra hours to dither! :(
  17. I sincerely hope that it is the job dodging/networking/flying club RNR officer corps that is targeted and not the rank and file!
  18. From info recently given out by one of the big wigs I was led to believe that the current RNR establishment figures were already well below the 2,900 given above and that if the current ongoing recruitment drive did not produce results, then we were very close to cease being a going concern. If they reduce the RNR by 20%, by my reckoning thats our arses. Me personally, I will wait until they start dishing out the P45's before I start to worry too much.

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