RNR timeframe Query?

So thats me been to two whole drill nights and I'm off for a training weekend on Friday. Can't wait!

But a question I've been asked by friends this week made me realise I didn't know the answer...when is the "passing out" from Raleigh? Is that after Phase 1 is complete? Or at the end of phase 2? Also has anyone had experience of just going for the full Raleigh course whilst in the RNR? I was told it's an option rather than taking longer to do each module seperately and as I'm self employed I could easily manage 10 (?) weeks off work as long as I'm being paid by the RN. Thanks :)


Lantern Swinger
There is a passing out after Phase 1.

I understand that places are available to do the full ten weeks, especially helpful should you decide to go regular at some point. Speak to your RNSO.


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To clarify BH it is at the end of your 2 week confirmation course at Raleigh.

Given you're at Tay speak to your INT staff about opportunities, SCOTIA has sent people off to do the 10 week course before and they've found it very useful.
If you can spare 10 weeks, then you will have the full backing of CMR. The only issue will be getting on the full course that hs a vacancy. It has been done, and is definetly encouraged. Good luck

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