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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by hammockhead, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. Which is the correct one for current RNR officers? Do List 1 wear the double wavy tie and List 3 the single wavy tie, in line with the old sleeve lace, or do we all wear one or the other?
  2. IMHO neither ,as none of us (serving) have ever worn wavy lace. We were granted straight lace in recognition of our efforts and as such should wear the standard RN officers tie. As I recall a previous Commodore attempted to resolve this but nothing came of it. Sad this is the only thing I remember him for!
  3. I have it on reasonably good authority that we should wear the old RNR (club) tie - i.e. crossed stripes.

    There is in addition an RNR City Tie, which is slightly elusive - similar to the Chatham tie except the naval crowns each surmount a little 'R'

  4. Inclined to agree with APN on paper but I tend to wear the straight tie.

    In fact G&H are doing some mad looking 'old pattern' tie which looks excellent.
  5. The old-style RN tie with broad stripes? I think that is the only one that looks decent.
  6. I like the RNR100 tie - 'dotted' with a silver navy crown and C around a V, to donate 100 years of the Volunteer Reserves.

    Probably can't get it any more of course.
  7. That's the one HH!

    PT, they may still be available from The Naval Club in Hill Street.

  8. I agree with Capt Ahab - the old RNR ('chain gang' interwoven lace) tie is the one I wear. I'm not in the RN or SCC so not eligible to wear the RN or Wavy Navy tie.
  9. But you're not in the old RNR either, and you don't wear interwoven wavy lace. I am a List 3 naval volunteer reservist, my unit was founded as an RNVR unit, and when we celebrated RNR100 it was the 100th anniversary of the founding of the RNVR (1903), not the RNR (1859).

    Perhaps we will celebrate RNR150 in 2009 and again in 2053?

    I agree if we wear straight lace we should wear a staight-striped tie, especially if we end up losing the Rs.
  10. Here is my version. The three ties; RN. RNR. RNVR, are navy blue with red and white stripes on. The style of the stripes reflects the stripes worn by the three different "branches" of the Naval Service. Straight for the RN, interwoven for the RNR and wavy for the RNVR. When I joined a northern unit all the officers wore the RNVR tie so I did, the older ones had been in the RNVR any way. Other units started to wear the RNR tie, for obvious reasons. To day, to avoid upsetting any one, I wear an RN tie. I am ex RN.
    The Commodore you refer to Is Cdre Pemberton. Prince Michael asked him to find out which tie he should wear. I believe Prince Michael wears an RNR tie. However, the last seagoing CL1, Cdre Bradford insisted that the RNR tie should only be worn by List 1s!
    Perhaps the time has come for a new tie. An RN one with straight stripes and an R inbetween them. Though perhaps that idea will be very short lived.
    As for the RN(V)R 100 tie, I thought that was most unsuitable. Silver was the colour of braid worn by the RNAV. So I never got one. Sorry Sir!

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