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Lantern Swinger
No mate. For a start the training takes too long and it would be impossible to keep up to date. Secondly submarines go away for months at a time. It would be highly impractical for a submarine to surface just to let an RNR off after his two weeks jolly.

There isn't much else that can be said on here but i can say with a degree of confidence that you would not spend any prolonged period aboard a boat.
janner said:
Having said that a lot of RNR and RNVR served with distinction during WW2
Very true many served with considerable distinction. But that was a fecking long time ago, and the stuff was not as complex. Like the man said to train the reservists to use it AND keep up to date would NOT be possible. Is a shame but true


Lantern Swinger
Look at it as controlling the subs and battlespace management - I know little about it, but am told that its something the RNR is very, very good at and our skills are in constant demand from FLEET for this area.
Well guess what Pinch. Exactly the same was said at the time. Thing was though the war went on long enough for the RNRs and RNVRs to get properly trained.

A lot of the RNR SM "branch" now are ex submariners but, unlike the Air Branch, it is open to Officers who have not been to sea in Boats. TF110 is correct in his summarry of what the "branch" does.
They do 2 main jobs - Firstly, "controlling" submarines from shoreside headquarters - to ensure submarine safety, through Waterspace Management and Prevention of Mutual Interference procedures and to direct submarine Command and Control (C2) through the submarine broadcast - in the Submarine Operating Authority (SUBOPAUTH). The other role is acting as the Submarine Advisory Team which effectively operate as a SUBOPAUTH afloat - working for a CTF at sea. They sometimes get involved with a weapon system that, shall we say, are unique to SSNs.

That help?
janner said:
Having said that a lot of RNR and RNVR served with distinction during WW2
Indeed Janner, at present the last surviving World War II naval VC recipient was Ian Fraser VC DSC, 'a lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve'.

'Fraser joined the Royal Navy in 1939, serving on the submarine HMS Sahib in 1943. In 1944, at age 24, he became a lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve, and went on to serve on the ‘X’ craft midget submarine depot ship HMS Bonaventure from 7 November 1944 to July 1945.'
RNR Officers in Submarines

Just came across this today!
As a P&O deck officer and List One Lieutenant RNR, I underwent submarine training in 1969, serving in Otus
under Lt Cdr Barry Carr and Lt Cdr Geoff Biggs, and qualifying SM.
In 1972, I underwent nuclear training, NXC32, prior to joining HMS Valiant under Cdr Dick Husk.
Happy days!

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