Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by knocker999, Jun 6, 2016.

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  1. Ahoy shipmates,

    I am volunteering for the next SRLC and am interested in finding out a bit more. I think I am just about okay at leadership and presentations but I might struggle a bit with PLTs. Interested to know what happens on the DLX which I believe contains some PLTs.

    As far as I can make out from a guy in the unit who did it last year the following happens:

    Tuesday - out in the field from lunchtime onwards.
    Tuesday night - little or no sleep.
    Wednesday night out in the field - more sleep.
    Thursday secure (what time)?

    Apart from being beasted and sleep deprived I was wondering:

    Sleep in bivvies?
    How much sleep will we get each night?
    Do we do patrols etc each night?
    What time do we finish on Thursday?

    Also on which day do we do the RNFT?

    What time do we secure on the Friday - need to consider transport as I will have a long drive o/c.

    Any info greatly received.

  2. I'll make a start for you:
    Week One will be a heap of PLT's, so you will get some practice in before going on DLX. However if you can't tie knots or handle ropes start practicing yesterday. Then keep practicing until you can make up, heave, manage and load lines in your sleep. You will then find the PLT's, not easy, but more logical to achieve.

    DLX routine varies form course to course, will depend on what Regular Courses RNLA are running concurrently. However you are broadly correct. Oh, and the staff will do their very best to make sure you are short of sleep before you even start to deploy - get used to the idea. Assume you will not sleep, then every moment of shut-eye will come as a bonus.

    Patrols - Perhaps, will depend on staff, the cohesion of the team, a whole heap of aspects known only to the inner circle of RNLA staff!
    Bivvies - Yes. But see note above regarding sleep.

    As for the Thursday, ENDEX will depend, to a degree, as to how many candidates are on your course. But, again, you will be back in Collingwood by mid-afternoon.

    If you have a long drive on home I suggest you consider staying an additional night. The RN will not be held responsible for you falling asleep at the wheel.

    Is that any use?
  3. Actually, the RN will be legally responsible for you falling asleep at the wheel, and by the rules should ensure you are rested before going home. It's just that Jack chins this off to go weekenders early.
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  4. ATG, you are spot on, the RN will (should) not allow you to breach the 11 hour rule of driving/working.
    To be fair to BH, I think that's what he meant, but got his worms mixed up, however the key point is reinforced, get a train or stay an extra night, not only will the RN be in the poo, but knocker could find himself doing porridge if he fell asleep at the wheel and killed a coach load of pregnant nuns!
  5. It was, I did, I thank you!
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