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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by ciderjack, May 8, 2006.

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  1. Anyone out there shoot smallbore target rifles?

    Looking to est a team for bisley etc if there is any interest. Ideally guys would have shooting experience on .22 target rifles.

    Anyone who is interested or knows of anyone who would be please

    PM me for more details if you don't want to reply.
  2. Bisley is normally service rifle --5.56mm[.223"] and the target diciplines for NRA are mostly 7.62 [.308"]

    However there is a National small bore rifle centre at Bisley for indoor ranges target shooting disciplines.[.22"]

    As RNR you may be able to enter a team with service rifle although sometimes the individuals are pre selected from any unit after acheiving scores in practice matches and a RNR team would be entered.
    There is an RN shooting club based at Bisley -try contacting them.

    Fellow shootist!!
  3. Have shot at Lord Roberts several times. Shot in the Reserve Forces Long Range match last year but really wanted to raise an RNR team for Inter Services. TA and RAF reserves put a team in, Senior Service should too.

    Have made contact with RN at Bisley, however thought that fellow members of RR may have been in the know as to other smallbore shooters.
    Will be promoting it through the RTC's but thought informally RR would be a starting ground.

    Again if you or an oppo would be interested please contact me.
  4. Wish I was still in the RMR Mersey member of the shooting team long long ago was asked to go down to Bisley. Looking back as we normally do later wish I had gone. I do so miss my SLR wish I could have another opportunity to let fly a few more rounds.
  5. 6 members of King Alfred took part in a fullbore acquaint at Bisley this afternoon, run by the RN Target Rifle Club.

    There is interest in target rifle within the RNR, you just have to find it.
  6. I would be interested, but I don't really have any experience in shooting (did some air rifle shooting for my Duke of Edinburgh Award, but thats all) and don't know how to get involved... any ideas?
  7. I've been in Bisley this year for the second time and I realy liked it again.
    Had some nice conversations with the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines reserve.
    Like to find some people who did the NRA and ARA shooting competition this year.
    Please sent me an e-mail if you where a competitor.

    Royal Dutch Army Rifle Team

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