Discussion in 'RMR' started by balsamic, Jul 9, 2010.

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  1. I'm an AB1 in the RNR been there for almost 2 years. Completed my basic weapons course, safe deck hand etc.. basically i'm deployable. I'm however finding the RNR just a little too pedestrian for me and like the idea of maybe getting out somewhere with a slight chance of action.
    Just wondering if I were to go to the RMR or even the TA do I have to go right back to the very beginning where im constantly doing drill and ironing for a 9 months ?

    What does a typical RMR / TA drill night consist of? I've finding the RNR seems to be lots of tea and much filling of forms so you can perhaps actually go learn something at a weekend. Is it the same for RMR or is there at least a chance of some phys ?
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    What do want to do with your life? Do you want to play at being a serviceman or do you want to be the real deal? Do you have commitments that cannot be broken so cant join up full time or can you not be bothered?

    It's your life, it ain't a rehearsal. What do you want to do with it? I wouldn't equate a basic weapons course with a fully trained green lidded dealer of STD's so you'll probably go back to square one, you'll have the march on the other recruits though. ( did you see what I did there?)
  3. The RMR will offer you a very different challenge to the RNR and from my limited experience of RNR drill nights you will be far busier as a recruit. Once you have passed out life slows down somewhat and what you get done on a week night varies from detachment to detachment depending on the time of the year, upcoming commitments, numbers turning out; phys is always the default option when the training occasionally falls down. You'll spend very little time on drill and ironing (some would argue that this is a failing of RMR training..); the focus very quickly moves to weapon training, field admin and field skills.

    Technically you could request to start at Phase 2 but I can't recall such a request being accepted. Should you be successful on PRMRC you would most likely start from day 1, week 1. There are several benefits to this including:

    - Develop basic skills to the standard required (these are different from those you learned in the RNR)
    - A more gradual ramp up with the phys (less chance of injury)
    - A chance to get to know the lads in your troop and develop stronger relationships (vital when you have to make the weekly, or 3 times weekly decision to park your civi life to drive into the unit for a wholesome beasting / lack of sleep / kit inspection etc)
    - Taking on board the Corps ethos rather than being a matelot in a green lid

    I have seen numerous lads from a range of cap badges including TA Para attempt to jump on board the moving train which is RMR training part way through its journey and fail. I know of only 2 lads who joined part way through and passed out, one TA infantry and the other a Para, both were officers (the para was TA ex regular). This is not to say that there haven't been more, just my experience. Basically if you're going to do it you're best starting from the bottom rung.

    A number of RMR units run PRMRC in Sept so if you're going to do it you're fitness needs to be at entry level standard now and you will have to get a shift on with applying (ring the Unit in the 1st instance). You say you are after 'action'; you needs to be aware that if / when you pass out you will deploy and your civi commitments need to be squared off before you join - crossing the wife not keen / employer not happy bridge when you come to it is not the way forward.

    For more info PM Moose on here, I called it a day 3 years ago and the RMR has and will continue to change so some of my advice may be out of date.

    Good luck, should you decide to give it a crack.

    Jimbo and WB, check fire on the be a 'Real' Marine / indirect RMR baiting - it ain't gonna work! ;)
  4. You would not need to do basic training to transfer to most TA units. You would need to specific to arm continuation training (usually a two week camp qualifier), and to go infantry you would need to complete a few extra weekends prior to the Catterick ITC.
  5. Only commented because I read nothing in his original that suggested he was threaders with his civi life. Anyway glad you bit... :p
  6. Yeah baby! :D
  7. Pesky rubbers!!! :D :wink:
  8. I think this thread kinda died and I never had the chance to write back. I'm almost 30 with a decent paying but yet entirely unsatisfying IT job. My GF isnt entirely happy with at all the idea and gets angry when any mention of the marines comes up could maybe just about swing it with the RMR - might not say anything and just join on the sly :p

    Do I have to go thru all that medical crap again ? I'd imagine security clearance wont be a prob as I have a RNR Navy Id.

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