Can't apply to St. Andrews due to financial reasons, plus they don't offer a full medical degree.

Dundee probably won't be a problem, though Aberdeen might. As you said, it is a massive slog. Traveling around 2 hours each way for a 2 hour drill night. Seems like I might just have to join Tay division and deal with that if I end up there.

Just hope I end up in Glasgow!
Sorry to drag up an old thread, I thought it better than starting another.

I am also interested in a cadetship but may end up joining a TA medical unit during medical school. Would this hurt my chances of a RN cadetship?

Also, is it possible to apply for both RN and army cadetships or does this reflect poorly on the applicant? From what I have learned the medical role is quite similar between all branches, with the exception of the GDMO time (which could also be similar if you were with the RM). @Ninja_Stoker
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Aye, CapDunKirk, I'm facing a similar issue. Thankfully, three out of the four med schools I'm applying to have a RNR/URNU unit nearby. One of them however only has RMR/TA unit nearby (Aberdeen), so if I end up there, the RMR seems the only option, even though it would be extremely difficult.

What universities are you applying to?