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I guess that's a good question to ask at AIB when the N2 asks "Do you have any questions you would like to ask us?".

It certainly makes a change from "Yes, Sir. Who invented the ironing board?".

God knows my local AFCO is going to resent me with how much I'll be asking. Could be worse, though.

I'll probably just cross that bridge if I get to it.


Lantern Swinger
Not sure which Dundee University campus you think is an hour away from Tay Division, it is at the same location as the RMR det in any case. It even takes less than an hour to get there from the proper medical school over in St Andrews.

If you did join you wound end up travelling down to Rosyth for some evenings and weekends. Travel up to a certain distance, even for training nights, is paid, if you're in the vicinity of Dundee then it won't be an issue. There are some Aberdeen based reservists who make it down to Dundee, though it is a massive slog.


Can't apply to St. Andrews due to financial reasons, plus they don't offer a full medical degree.

Dundee probably won't be a problem, though Aberdeen might. As you said, it is a massive slog. Traveling around 2 hours each way for a 2 hour drill night. Seems like I might just have to join Tay division and deal with that if I end up there.

Just hope I end up in Glasgow!
Sorry to drag up an old thread, I thought it better than starting another.

I am also interested in a cadetship but may end up joining a TA medical unit during medical school. Would this hurt my chances of a RN cadetship?

Also, is it possible to apply for both RN and army cadetships or does this reflect poorly on the applicant? From what I have learned the medical role is quite similar between all branches, with the exception of the GDMO time (which could also be similar if you were with the RM). @Ninja_Stoker
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Aye, CapDunKirk, I'm facing a similar issue. Thankfully, three out of the four med schools I'm applying to have a RNR/URNU unit nearby. One of them however only has RMR/TA unit nearby (Aberdeen), so if I end up there, the RMR seems the only option, even though it would be extremely difficult.

What universities are you applying to?
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