Ok, pull up a chair; this could be a long one though I'll try to be as brief as possible.
Currently, I'm a TA soldier, have been for 18 months. Fully trained, with a unit at present and have passed AOSB briefing as well as Mod 2 of officer training. Did my Main Board recently and didn't get through. Have just found out this was not because of anything fundamental from me, (my planex was poor and I had a few tumbles on the assault course - something explained by the fact that I later found I'd broken my wrist) and that I can come back in 6 months.

Problem is, I can't do anything useful for the next 6 months as there's nothing serious for me to work on and I can't go on any courses as I'm in career limbo. No amount of pressure will change the 6 month wait and I'm literally kicking my heels, bored rigid. This happens a lot with the Army and has got me thinking.

I seriously looked at joining the RNR/RMR before I opted for the TA out of a sense that I'd be able to deploy sooner/do more that would challenge me. I'm now in serious danger of losing my mojo and am considering looking again at the RNR/RMR. Questions is 1) does anyone have any advice etc 2) how would I get into the commissioning stream? I've already done a lot of the Army's commissioning course and 50% of the selection, it's just main board; would the RNR/RMR take that into account and let me go to AIB straight off?

Any thought/guidance appreciated

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