Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by stufthis, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. Whats the score with RFA people wanting to join the RNR. i.e if you are a seamanship leading hand in the RFA do you become a LH in the RNR.
  2. :wink: :wink: must be at least a CPO :roll:
  3. So a CPO In the RFA can join the RNR and become a CPO in the RNR
  4. Ha!Ha! no Admiral of the fleet RNR :wink: :wink:
  5. Mmm....

    On the flip side of this. I was chatting to guy on an RFA last month who had just left the RN as a PO seaman C/W 22 years pension. He informed me there was no way they'd let him join as a PO seaman in the RFA, but was however more than happy to accept deckhand.

    Personally I'd be very surprised at any LH RFA getting a LH RNR job...

    Strangely though, they do allow merchant deck officers in the RNR at Lt/Lt Cdr rank with white tabs on their rank sleeve
  6. For the officer corps it depends on the branch, essentially the Amphib Warfare branch needs officers with appropriate commercial bridge tickets so they get the rank accordingly. White tabs only apply until fleetboard though.

    I don't think that the AW branch has any need for ratings so wouldn't imagine a comparable system. The closest would be the Sea(Res) branch where most of the work is fore protection related, so the RFA skillset wouldn't have a natural crossover. In the other branches there would be no reason to give automatic rate or rank parity.
  7. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Knew an ex-RN (then RNR) CRS a few years ago who on joining the RFA went right back to RO2 equivalent - his RN skills did not give him all the necessary qualifications for a lateral transfer.

    edited at least once for clarification and removal of a potentially inflammatory and incorrect generalisation!
  8. I do realise what your saying and most likely this guy entered as an SG1A, which is not the lowest rank. His RN tickets are equivlent to an AB's ticket. The RFA do recognise RN experience, and no doubt if the individual is any kop he could in theory be promoted after three good reports which would take just over 12 months to obtain. Plus to give you some idea here are the usual required tickets of a usual MN AB.


    Most RN types who come into the RFA dont have the CPSC, and the RFA pays for them to do this. Any other MN company would not take you on as an AB until you had this
    The problem with the RFA is the good retention rates, I think over a quarter of the RFA have done over twenty years, some have people have been AB's for again tens of years, promotion is slow in RFA not because of ability, its dead mans shoes. And just out of interest by being in the RFA and having signed the contact I am now a sponsored reservist how does this work with the RNR
  10. I think Karma said that, not me.
  11. With such excellent working conditions (leave, pay & working hours) is there any wonder they stay on.

    As for you being sponsored reservist, I'm guessing you would be unavailable for RNR whilst you are in theatre working for the RFA.
    RNR call-up is pretty much subject to your own preferences now.
  12. I understand that all new RFA personnel are required to be sponsored reservists to ensure their protection under international law. Only regular troops are permitted under the Geneva Convention to commit Acts of War. Anybody else is either a "member of a militia" or an "irregular combatant" and could be subjected to Guantanamo-style treatment without legal redress. The fact that RFAs are now armed means that the ship's company need to be "official" members of our armed forces. This doesn't make them part of the normal RNR - they are effectively mobilised every time they go into a war zone.
  13. Yes Stufthis we do "stand at the gangway with a stick and SA80", that is we do it to protect you, your oppos and the ship!!!!

    No sitting, reading mags, surfing the web, drinking goffers, drippin, smokin and letting any tom, dick or harry muslimers onboard etc etc

    I standbye to be corrected :lol:
  14. There are a number of leading hands, AB's and senior rates at my unit alone that as well as 'standing on the gangway with a stick and an SA80' are also qualified to use GPMG and Minigun. On top of this they are also nile qualified , some of them have also obtained the qualifications necessary to drive jetpacs and all members of the Sea (res) branch need to be in date for BSSC to deploy.
    If your refering to the other weapons onboard (20mm) then if we were to fire these then what would you guys have to do onboard at action stations? I suppose you could alwasy sit in the mess and piss it up for a change ....... :lol: 8O
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Northernlight wrote
    How about Muslims who are members of the ship's company? Serious question, the MOD is an equal opportunities employer. Hadn't you heard?

    mazza magoo bragged
    Yeah, right. Now pay attention 007.........

  16. The one on the left looks like The Stig.
  17. Serious question: how many Muslims are there in the Naval Service? (This is not to deny that there may be a number, nor that there should be - just curious.)
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Dunkers, the method by which I'd find that out is the same method available to you. Your curiosity is not a good enough reason for me to dig out. However I know two personally.

    Is the haze clearing?
  19. I probably know about a dozen. There are enough across all three services to justify a Chaplain.

    Which is largely beside the point, there is no need for those loitering on the upper deck to be wilfully offensive on the basis of religion.
  20. Very well put, and an answer which applies to a very large number of the questions asked on this site.

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