RNR Reserve Decoration - list of names ?



My father served in the RNR during WW2 and I believe was awarded the Reserve Decoration.

Is there a list anywhere where I could possibly find his name and confirm he was warded this medal and the date?

Very many thanks.


My grandad was in RNR during ww2, but wasn't awarded the Reserve Decoration. I got a medal/award entitlement letter from the MoD from here:
MOD Medal Office, Innsworth House, Imjin Barracks, Gloucester, GL3 1HW email: [email protected]

You'll need details like dob, service number (if you have it), etc. Some pre-war records are on the national archives website (assuming active service prior to ww2). You can search by name.
Only useful info if he was actually in active service......


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The RD was the RNR officer's equivalent of the rating's Long Service and Good Conduct medal. When I was in, you needed 15 years' service to qualify for it and prior service as a rating counted half.

The Volunteer Reserves Service Medal that replaced it in 1999 only requires 10 years service.