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I hope someone can advise me.

I want to join the RNR as an officer after leaving RN regular service. I spend 5 years in and have been out for a year.

I have a degree and postgraduate defree, but I don ont have GCSE maths at grade C.

Will my qualifications supercede this requirement, or will I have to now sit GCSE maths again?




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You have to sit GCSE Maths to get a grade C.

My strong plea on this is not to try and fight the system. Over the years I've tried a couple of times to get an AIB waiver for well qualified candidates who clearly possessed the ability to pass it, but for whatever reason didnt actually have it. It took far longer, and was ultimately far more futile than just doing an evening course and getting the qualification in the first place.

What branch do you want to go into?


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You spent 5 years in the Andrew, have now left after seeing what regular ruperts are like and want to become one?

Sod your GSCE Maths, have your degree and post grad stuff taught you nothing?


Thanks for the reply.

I was thinking about Warfare or Logs, but I am not sure what they are offering at the moment, as I haven't yet had time to visit the AFCO.

I was an SR lad, and am now working as a secondary school teacher in Business Education.

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