RNR Recruitment Brochures

Hi, I am interested in finding some RNR recruitment brochures from the 1980/90s and wonder if anyone can help?

One was a pamphlet which if I remember rightly was printed in black and white for Port Defence Party Ratings of the Seaward Defence branch around 1990 ish and had a picture of a rating with a beard, in DPM, with a beret holding a sterling SMG, standing by some railway lines with dockyard cranes in the background. The picture as well as being on the cover of the pamphlet was also used in an advert in the Portsmouth Evening News.

The other was a booklet issued 1980s/early 90s and was titled "Add Navy To Your Life" and had a rating in a beret and foulie using an aldis lamp, curiuosly the first edition had the guy in a blue foulie but later editions it had changed to orange!

Would like to hear from anyone who may have either of the above publicatons and would like to part with them.

all information gratefully recieved.
dunkers said:
Wouldn't surprise me at all if your unit still has / uses 90s recruiting literature. Cynical? No, accurate ;)
Cheers for that, and most probabley quiet true! but I left the RNR a decade ago and the unit I was a PDP rating with no longer exists! but you do make a good point, this liturature must have been produced in quite significant numbers so there must be tons of it still about somewhere?

regards jack


Book Reviewer
This reminds me, I have an old RNR recruitment video on VHS dating back to the days of the River Class sweepers <Dinosaur Alarm! Dinosaur Alarm! Dinosaur Alarm! All reservists below the age of 45 look away now!>. I really must try and find a way of copying this to a manageable size video file and put it up on Youtube.

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