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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Always_a_Civvy, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Navy: Reserve Forces

    Commons Hansard: 9 March 2007, Col.2312W.

    Mr. Hancock: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what his strategy is for bringing the Royal Navy Reserve up to strength.

    Derek Twigg: Recruiting is essential to maintaining an effective force and comprehensive recruiting plans have been prepared to ensure that the RNR strength is maintained at the required level. These plans include:

    increased recruiting targets;

    a simplified recruiting process;

    improvements to the RNR website;

    a more comprehensive range of RNR advertisements.

    Retention is not currently an issue within the RNR. Over the past six years outflow has remained stable.
  2. That's alright then!

    The saying "none so blind, as those that don't want to see" comes to mind.
  3. I'm sure it has.....any news on "inflow?" :grin: :grin: :grin: although we've actually got a fair sized NE class at the moment.... :shock: so prehaps he's not far off?
  4. The RNR is currently loosing on average one person a day. That is say 350 per year. If the RNR is at or about 2100, that means roughly 15% of the RNR drops out each year. I wonder how Sir Humphrey in "Yes Minister" BBC (Other comedies are available) would spin that one?
  5. I refer you to the answer provided by my honourable freind AAC above.
  6. Please note that the minister didn't write the answer - it would have been written by someone on the CMR staff who handle PQ's.
    My guess is that CMR were too busy playing "guess the handle" and writing rude letters to people exercising free speech to wake up to the retention disaster that is going on in the RNR.
  7. If you check on the Department of Statisitcs website, the armed forces section shows inflows and outflows. This shows that the outflow from the RNR has been remarkably constant over the years. What is causing the problem is that recruiting, for all parts of the armed forces and not just the RNR, is much lower than usual. So thechnically the Ministers reply was correct. What it didn't say was that we're not recruiting enough to cover the usual outflow.
  8. Thank you Lurch. Good points.
    Persumably the department of Statistics gets his RNR data from the RNR Data base. This data base has a somewhat colourful history.
    Sir Humphreys "outflow" is another less painful way of saying those leaving the RNR. What it can not measure is "experience" leaving the RNR.
    Is the "outflow" disillusioned" New Entries or experience Leading Rates?
    The fact the outflow is constant is this a cause for concern or unjustified self congratulation?
  9. You forget he is a politician and is paid to manipulate facts. The RNR is 23% undermanned not as bad as the RAuxAF though

    from AFPRB

    4.19 Serious manning shortfalls existed across the Reserve Forces at 1 May 2006: Royal NavyReserves (RNR) had a 23 per cent shortfall; Royal Marine Reserves (RMR) 26 per cent;Territorial Army (TA) 11 per cent; and Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF) 40 per cent.

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