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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Jimbo3188, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. Happened to come across the good old RN recruiting trailor last week.

    From a distance, manning it was a JR in 1's, someone in desert gear and someone in green CS95's.

    I assumed they were 1 RN, and 2 RM.

    Got closer, saw some gold on the shoulder of the matelot. Thought, either he's RNR or Australian!

    Got closer, and all turned out to be RNR!

    Why were they wearing camo gear???????

    I'd have thought (as its the navy) they should have been in 1's, 2's or 4's. Be interesting to know how many assumed they were RM.

  2. The justification for doing this may be because the RNR GSS(R) Branch deploy for SPO duties in C95 rig. I agree that it probably not the best rig to represent yourselfs to the public as most will think you are in fact Army rather than RM or anything else.

    I prefer recruiting in 3s as 1s is a bit if a hassle.
  3. All recruiting should be in number 1's as this promotes the most impressive image to the public. 3s is of course easier from our point of view but from the public's perspective, 1s makes far more of an impression.

    Jimbo - no 2s ????
  4. I did a brief spell at a careers office and for careers fairs and school visits the regular staff were wearing crested polo shirts as this was deemed less intimidating.

  5. Yes because we all have outstanding pride in our crested polo shirts don't we. (This isn't a dig at you x4nd, I'm just saying :wink: )
  6. Red badges mate, before your time.
  7. agreed dunkers. Bring back nos 1's for all recuiting, possibly even 1a's with the gaters and belts. Have done several recruiting events and have found that the public (in general) respond in a much more positive manner to Jack in full rig than they do in 3's or CS95's. 3's are too non-descript and CS95's can be misconstrued. 4's are a working rig and should not be used for a public presentation (nowt wrong with it but not for this purpose :shock: )

    Another plus is the ladeezzzz like the uniform :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  8. 1a's? Does that mean we need an SA80 with Bayonet fixed? What kinds have places have you been recruiting that you thought fixed bayonets were necessary?!
  9. lol not been to bristol recently phil? :shock: :shock:

    although the recruiting party should now be issued with coshes and a supply of shillings........... :grin:

    without weapon mate........unless you want your CPO (AWW) to break into a sweat whilst you're out with the weapon :lol: :lol:
  10. Everytime I've been on the recruiting stands, which is only once to be perfectly honest, I've been standing about in square rig. Personally I don't object to it, that much. The No.1 suit doesn't ever really see outside of the closet that often, and one does get a few admiring glances from the girls!

    With regards to camoflage, I can see the logic in wearing it for presentation stands, but at a glance from afar it does make one appear to be either a royal or a pongo.
  11. Everytime i've done recruiting, and i've done a hell of a lot of it, we tend to wear different rig or 3's.

    We use to always wear No 1's, all the oldies seem to like it however when we ask people under 50 if they want to join the answer we normally get is "not if i have to wear that"!

    We have found that one person in 3's, one in combats and one in 1's gives a nice balance.

    Combats make them ask why we are in combats if we're sailors and leads us into the discussion about GSSR. No 1's gives you the traditional "sailor" look.

    Not really the official approach but the last we heard we were second only to President in the recruiting race.

    More formal occasions are of course attended in No1.
  12. These days, no.2s are mess kit

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