RNR Raison D'etre?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by bumblebee, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. I knew what the RNR and RNVR were in WW2. So far as the RNR was concerned skilled and experienced Skippers and Masters donned the RNR Uniform and provided excellent navigation expertise to the RNVR Officers from public school's yachting talents. Most ships with a RNVR Captain carried a RNR Pilot.

    But was is the RNR for today?
    Are they skilled Merchant Navy Officers standing by to uphold the RN should it be struck short?
    I have no idea and am bewildered.
    Can anyone explain please?
  2. To an extent (but much less than in the War) the RNR still has MN deck officers but this is not the main element of it.

    Today the RNR is providing mainly force protection teams (upperdeck sentries to put it simply), logistical support and ensuring safe passage for merchant ships during wartime.

    The RNR no longer has its own ships.

    There are also smaller branches dealing with mine warfare, medics, intelligence and air ops but you don't hear so much about those as they have relatively few personnell.
  3. Upperdeck Sentries.
    What on earth are they? Still no wiser I'm afraid.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    But better informed, nonetheless.
  5. When Royal Navy ships go to scarey places, they put men and women with guns (we call them rifles) where bad people can see them so they do nasty things to other ships instead as they are easier targets.

    Any better?
  6. All major ships i.e Carriers, Destroyers and Frigates have an Upperdeck sentry whilst alongside, whether in their homeport or otherwise. Normally an AB they are responsible to the OOD. Their reponsibilities are to patrol the upper deck in particular the seaward side which was traditionally left uncovered by the QM who as you know is stationed at the gangway. In ports with a heightened threat level it is at the CO's discretion to up the number of Upperdeck sentries. If he does this however it will have an effect on the Ship Company's shoreleave and disrupt exisiting watchbills. To combat this as already stated the RNR are drafted in for the sole purpose of augmenting the watchbill.
  7. Do they still go to Scapa Flow?
    That was one helluvan unpleasant place for a run ashore- Scary ? I'm still trembling
  8. Scapa Flow is no longer a naval base - (and I hear the sunken Royal Oak there is still leaking oil even 60+ years on)
  9. Still confused by its Upper Deck sentry role. Surely big ships have Corporals of Marine and small ships Quartermasters and OOD's to deal with this sort of thing.
    How does the RNR provide this Upper Deck Sentry role, say, serving what remains of our Far East Fleet? Are they sent out there to provide this service or do they sail and remain with the ship during its commission?
  10. I think bumblebee is taking the piss, or clearly he is in a different time zone to us. Far East Fleet! Good grief!
  11. Don't we have ships in the Far East? If we do don't they have deck sentries and if they do who provides them?"Different time zone to us" Tut tut-- Different from. Similar to.
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Aaah! Bone-white teak and gleaming brightwork under sun-bleached awnings, the glare from the enamelled turret, Royal Marine guard and band parading at Colours, OOW immaculate in his ice-cream suit .. Make it So!
  13. Now come along Norman, stop taking the piss, just post the picture of your beautiful Daughter in her briefs, you will find that we are a fair judge of a bit of Hot Totty. :threaten:
  14. Assuming we still have British flagged merchant vessels steaming east of Suez. Do we have RN warships protecting them? We still have residual colonial interests? If, as Rosina Carly suggests, those days have gone. Is she and her RNR colleagues providing this service as Desk Sentries?. If not then who is?
  15. I can assure that if, god forbid, someone actually asked me to carry a gun things would be pretty desperate. You need to be speaking to my GSSR colleagues - assuming of course that they do not think that you are completely deranged and attack you with their battons.
  16. Remember to take your medication. now there's a good girl. Batons only has one "t"
  17. From what I've seen, they seem to like playing with their batons a little too much.. or is that playing with each others' batons?! :thumright:
  18. I think you could be right, I try to stay away from them they are all a bit khaki for my liking. Give me a nice SCP anytime!
  19. Well!! GSSR and SCP Are these but two reasons we have no idea what the RNR does and for which we pay dearly for in our taxes.
  20. Will someone PLEASE give this a knobber an oxygen thief tally?
    what a cnut!

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