Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by GwaarSoldier, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Do the RNR have their own PTI's or do they just have the RM/RMR take them for a beasting? Reason I ask is that I'm a TA PTI looking to join HMS Forward and would (ideally) like to keep this trade.

  2. While i dont think that there is a PTI branch in the RNR i dont see any reason why you cant use your skills in the RNR for taking PT within unit and at RNR sporting events.
  3. My unit does have a PTI, but that is just good fortune on our part. If that is your preferred specialism it would be in addition to a recognised RNR trade. (Our PTI is at Petty Office New Entry by the way).
  4. My unit has an ex-RN PTI (qualified as a PTI while serving full time), who remains a PTI in the RNR now. So perhaps if you've already qualified then you can become an RNR PTI.
  5. GS

    What class PTI are you? I think you need to be above class 3 to take RNRFTs etc. I assume that means above unit level.

  6. Im a Class 3 but have done the additional 3 modules (health and safety, endurance training, strength training)and am due to attend the Class 2 course.

    Do you have to be a certain rank to be a PTI for the RNR/RN? I know RN you have to be in 3yrs then volunteer to change branch, but as there's no L/cpl equivilant in the RN/RNR I assume I'd drop a rank?

    The trade branch I'm interested in is GSS(R) by the way.
  7. For a really hard workout we put the Rocky soundtrack on in the mess whilst drinking.
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    PTIs in the RN are Leading Rate and above, i.e. Corporal and above.

    My suggestion would be to talk directly to the PT lead school (HMS Temeraire) about what the process would be for a transfer for the Regulars and then to enlist Forward's help in applying this to your own case.
  9. I can feel my bounty being reduced by 20% as we speak.

    My RNFT was conducted by a SLt with, as far as i am aware, no qualifiactions whatsoever.

    We all know how quickly they are to reduce, decline your bounty if there is the slightest reason for it?
  10. :lol: !!! Do we attend the same unit? Or are guys fitting that description commonplace? :roll:
  11. Dunno mate, PM me your unit and we'll see :?
  12. You know jim lad, i was thinking exactly the same thing? :eek:
  13. I know that FORWARD would be delighted to have a TA PTI on the books! Why not pop down on a Tuesday night after 1945 and ask to speak to one of the New Entry Staff?

    Was it that great Forward video on YouTube that persuaded you to join?
  14. No it wasn't the video :lol: I've been in the TA for about 3years now and have risen to the dizzying heights of L/Cpl but our new role as CBRN :x means it's going to go downhill. First looked at FORWARD in regards to the RMR but don't really fancy the idea of starting from the bottom and loosing all the trades I earned. At least with the RNR, I could keep my PTI though I'm fully prepared to loose my rank and go to Raleigh if that's what's required
  15. I would expect you'd still have to go to PTI School RN to prove to them you can do the job or even do a whole PTI Course. From what ive heard and know, the mob arent very good at dealing with paperwork being transferred around so maybe expect to join at the bottom of the pile again. At least that way you wont be too disappointed if they can't sort you out properly and use your quals appropriately.

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