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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by alfred_the_great, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. All,

    does BR1066 apply to the RNR, or do other BRs exist to detail promotion/advancement for your branches?


  2. RNRs attend the same command courses as regulars now, and I believe are subject to the same selection boards, I don't know if that answers your question however
  3. Im afraid not - 1066 lists the pre-requisites and career path for each Branch and sub-Branch within the RN. Having a minor discussion with someone over their advancement....!
  4. BR60a, Chapter 6, annex 6A.
    (yes, I am a sad spotter!!!)
  5. once a spotter allways a spotter. you sad git!
  6. The RN LRCC last three weeks now because they have the weekends off. The RNR LRCC lasts only two weeks and you do work the weekends.

    There are ony two RNR courses per year and both are full for 2008 already!!!

    Great, thats another year f*cked then.
  7. Well, if they're full then some people must have managed to get their shit in one sock this year...... :thumright:
  8. That has completely gone over my head Mazza????? :frustrated:
  9. getting your shit in one sock doesn't help those that had the course booked, and now can't do it as they are mobilized. they will have to wait another year to do it. Apparently they can't be spared for two weeks to progress their career.
    Yet another example of the RNR taking with no give. No wonder people are leaving in droves.
  10. No, the current rule is that you get selected then you do the Command Course. If you are an AB your report is being done now (for 31 Jan) and if a LH then your report is due 31 Mar. The Board will select those that have completed all the tasks in the Training Matrices (yes Annex 6A!), who have completed their RNFT, who have the appropriate seniority, have done their BSSC (for seagoing branches), have enough time left to serve and (most importantly) have a superb write up by their admiring Divisional Officer. New BR60A due out by end of Feb I understand.....
  11. And if your DO is [email protected], then you're screwed.. until they need someone to fill a slot, and then they ass-kiss until they're blue in the face

    Most DOs spend their time trying to get themselves promoted, not writing reports for their JOs..
  12. Most DO's in our unit are new Lt straight out of the box and haven't a clue how to right a report correctly. Thats if you can find them.

    Surely this should be part of their career structure befor they advance to Lt. Lets face if they get it even slightly wrong they can ruin someones chance to get promotion for easily 2 years.
  13. I have to agree that some of the DOs are not really that good at report writing. To be fair, I would not expect them to be particularly good at what is a bit of a black art. What I would say, however, is this makes it doubly important for the individual to INSIST that his/her report accurately reflects their qualities. If you are not happy that it has properly covered all you have done in the year (and any extra curricular activities which I hope you would tell your DO in advance to put in) then you MUST go to the next one up the chain. A good start around report writing time is to go up to the reporting officer and say "I know I am due a promotion report shortly and I have written a list of what I have done this year to assist you". I know they often scrabble around trying to find things to write - you should be their friend if you help them with this task. Good Luck!
  14. There's no such thing as an 'out of the box' Lt as it takes 4 or 5 years to get there even if they've come straight in as occifers and are quick, and that includes a hell of a lot of general training including theory of divisional work.

    Just like everyone else in the RNR, the occifers are there to perform an operational role, and that's what they're mainly trained for. You won't find many who joined up because what they really, really wanted to do was write reports on people.

    That's not to say they shouldn't do a good job, but is it fair to ask people who get the same amount of time to do role training, and still have real jobs to do like everyone else, to also find the time to write badly-designed reports for a system that seems to have new rules invented all the time which are meant to do justice to other reservists' contributions to roles that the DO has never seen them do because most ratings branches don't take officers?

    Isn't it a bit crazy to have RNR DOs at all? The poor sods may be perfect at their operational roles - which is what they are there to do. So no, it's not fair, and it's not good, but the officers aren't there to run the RNR, they're there to maintain capability in the operational roles requested by the RN.

    Don't complain that the DOs aren't able to do you justice - of course they can't. Complain that you are expected to have the same sort of reporting system as a regular when your career structure and supervision is completely different. I think reports should only be written by supervisors on ORT/OCT where you are performing your operational role, e.g. NATO EX, etc. and a brief dit by someone appropriate in the Unit if you have a unit role like being a mess pres, but otherwise what has a unit got to do with your promotion suitability really?

    But don't worry.....it's bound to get better.....we've been told the reporting system is going electronic and moving onto JPA, so that should sort it all out! :pukel:
  15. Until such time as Fleet sorts out the tension between specialisation and unit, the officers are part of the running of the RNR. Even within specialisation the admin burden is taken by RNR officers.

    The process of reporting is going onto the JPA infrastructure, I'm not sure that there are any changes to the reporting system itself as a result. The last I heard was that the three services were having their own instance of the reporting model.

    In any case I'd support the comments above about personal responsibility, if you expect a decent quality report, do the legwork yourself and tell your DO what you're anticipating to be mentioned.

    I'd also agree that DOs should be taking a steer from those who supervise in the practical environment.

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