RNR Personnel Helping To Sell Poppies On London Poppy Day

It was a great pleasure today to find RNR personnel in London helping to sell Poppies for London Poppy Day. I spoke to two in particular, whom I had spotted in the City, not far from Lloyd's.

Tall, dark and handsome, absolutely immaculate in their uniforms, they caught my eye from a l-o-n-g way down the street and I scurried along quickly to find out more about them and what was going on and, of course, buy a Poppy from them.

Apparently, each year there are dedicated Poppy Days in Birmingham, Bristol, London, Oxford and Norwich at the beginning of November. In each City, serving and ex-Service volunteers turn out to sell Poppies and today was the date for the London Poppy Day. Poppy sellers were to be found near main Railway stations and tube stations and on street corners; some had Pipers with them, some didn't need any help in catching the eye, they just wore Royal Navy uniforms .......

By now, they will all be gathering at Leadenhall Market to hand over their collections and be treated to a well-earned drink, as they did last year:

The two RNR guys to whom I spoke had been allocated a spot in a street frequented by hordes of very attractive women (the phrase 'someone dipped in' springs to mind ....) and so, as All The Nice Girls Love A Sailor, well, I'm told that this is the case, I suspect that all those Poppies were sold by the middle of the afternoon.

BZ to the RNR for today's superb effort!


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