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Hi Shipmates.

I left the mob after taking redundancy in 2012 after doing nine years as an AET. Three years on and still pretty happy with that decision but miss the laugh with the lads and the buzz of feeling like you were making a difference.

To that end I have been weighing up joining one of the reserve forces. Obviously the RNR was where I was drawn to look first however, after reading some of the posts on here and on other sites, they seem to appear quite disjointed with regards to training and cracking on with things.

As I have never fancied the Army, I have looked into the RAF and they look a little better organised. The Training seams a bit more streamlined and the seem to be more integrated with the regular guys. What puts me off a little is I found the RAF to be a little aloof and stand offish when I had any dealing with them in the past. The Navy lads were all in it together and would back each other up to the hilt. The RAF lads were quite happy to go there separate ways as soon as work was finished.

Was just wondering if any one had any experience of both Reserve forces and had any opinions or advice.

Thanks in Advance
good luck with your quest.
Remember that all that you read here are the opinions of individuals and not necessarily fact.
My advice, for what it's worth, is to contact the Air Branch of the RNR and to start the ball rolling, you can always pull out later. Meanwhile, speak to those in authority in the branch, and they should give you the facts.


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The rnr and raf have vey different training cultures -to the rnr the drill night or local unit is key. The raf doesnt do drill nights and unit plays a much weaker part.
I had thought about this JFH, but in my experience of the Air Branch they mostly filled in 2nd line jobs at Yeovilton or Culdrose. Feel free to correct me if this is not the case!

Looking for something a bit different

Thanks again
Not sure, but I belive there are some Air Branch bods deployed on board and overseas. I did think about it myself but VL or CU is too much hassle.


Honestly, if it's a laugh with the lads and the buzz of making a difference you're after, then the RAF reserve is not for you. I have worked extensively with RAF reservists and have yet to find one with any team ethic whatsoever, or has been in a position to make said difference. Rock Ape Auggies perhaps, the rest? No.

I'm not a reservist but have worked with all three.

Despite you saying you don't fancy them: In my experience, (RMR aside) the Army reserve are better trained, better used, better managed and better supported than any other and you don't have to **** around in fields to be a part of it. They also tend to fit in better with their full time counterparts.


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Ex WAFU the advice above sounds good, go and do some research to find out which one will best suit you, after all you are an ex WAFU so hard work is not what you are used to, so look for the role with the most jollies and least work, that should give you the camaraderie and laughs you are looking for and just tell yourself you are making a difference:D

I'll get my hat?


Yes, and everyone is either a Chief or a Commander LOL ;)
It's true.

How many Lt Cdrs are there? ******* loads! Mega waste of funds. Gash hand hobbyists that are vastly over ranked for what they come in and do.

Just an old boys club.

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