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FlagWagger said:
Call me Mr Cynical if you like... I wonder if the timing of the release of this video and Forward's upcoming CMR Whole Unit Assessment are simply coincidental? :wink:
Cynical or not, if the effect of WUAs is that they initiate production of better recruiting material, Units putting some extra effort into their training plans and divisional system, tidying up/bringing up-to-date the content of the offices and classrooms around a Unit, then maybe the WUAs aren't such a bad thing. Shame it takes the threat of someone senior breathing down Units' necks to spur them into action.
If we'd produced something like that when the RNXS was going (had they had the internet in those seemingly far off days) something as good as this, distributed to all MPs might have saved us!


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Always_a_Civvy said:
Andy, the way things are going, they may raise the joining age to 50 and then we can both join up. In the meantime I propose that we set up the RN's first RNR Cyber Unit: HMS Virtual. Any volunteers.. apart from me and Andy? :lol:
I'm up for joining HMS Virtual, when do i gt my cap tally? Also what branches do you have?


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Yes, lets dissuss the Subby, she carries her sword too high on the march.

No double meaning, just a fact.

One other gunnery point. The pistol instructor needs kicking. Any one employing a two handed grip like that is in real danger of having their left thumb knuckle destroyed by the slide. The left thumb should be along the top of the left hand parallel to the barrel and not over the back of the right hand as in the film,

Bleats out of the way, a great little film. Lets see more from every body else.

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