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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by forever_a_subby, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Only been able to watch the one on MySpace - but this is the sort of thing that will get younger people to join - rather than a couple of people saying how good it is and why their employers should support them.

    Being a member of the reserve forces is more than just being a better employee for our civvie employer - we should make a thing of the Adventurus training, It's a knockout, Football @ Eaglet etc. maybe we should use part of our recruitment budget on putting together films like this one and posting on the web.
  2. Should defintely have wider coverage - these would be fantastic for recruitment eveings.
  3. That's very good. I like how they let the pictures speak for themselves without any background dialogue.
  4. BZ to FORWARD!
  5. Bravo to Forward, its cracking!
  6. I want to join HMS Forward. There appears to be some really top totty there, and as for the Subbie I/C that guard

  7. BZ! Well after seeing that thing Dunkers spotted, supposedly professionally produced, I know which I'd rather have a DVD of to show off to potential recruits. This was excellent! Ooooh I was impressed! :D :D :D
  8. wish i wasnt too old to join!!!!!
  9. Andy, the way things are going, they may raise the joining age to 50 and then we can both join up. In the meantime I propose that we set up the RN's first RNR Cyber Unit: HMS Virtual. Any volunteers.. apart from me and Andy? :lol:
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    If its any consolation, I am aware of an RNR CPO in the CIS specialisation who is at least 56 who last I heard was still in (although to be fair, he joined a long time ago when Noah was still a ship-builder!)
  11. well I had better join as my nasty :evil: employers :evil: wont let me join the real thing. Bast*rds! grrrr
  12. I'll join the RNR as long as i can be a Medic or Nurse.I cant abide the smell of paint or the feel of dirty hands! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. But all Hands get dirty after coaling ship Andy. What is to be done?

    I want to join in my old RNXS job in NCS. Can I wave my semaphore flags at passing merships please?
  14. forget all that. Lets discuss the Subbie!!!
  15. Forward obviously has an excellent gunroom!! Do people reckon that this would work as a recruiting tool?[align=center]
  16. Yes - we should be able to use this sort of thing on the web & at recruitment events to grab peoples attention. From what people are saying about the AFCO's we need to make sure they aren't pissing people off to the extent that they give up trying to join.
  17. It has everything a good motivational advertisement should have - action, variety, a good soundtrack, a message and a sense of purpose.

    Long enough to get the message across and not too long to start getting repetitive ... and the best thing is there is no-one reading a script trying to do in words what the pictures and smiling faces do so much better.

    Stick an address or telephone number on it and you have got a recruiting ad for those who have yet to become interested in addition to those who already have an interest in finding out more about HMS FORWARD and the RNR.

    Well done FORWARD I hope CMR has given the necessary plaudits and encouragement.
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    <inserting tongue firmly in cheek> Call me Mr Cynical if you like... I wonder if the timing of the release of this video and Forward's upcoming CMR Whole Unit Assessment are simply coincidental? :wink:

    Irrespective, a well produced quality video that shows Forward in excellent light and from a personal perspective, its allowed this Forward-rating-in-exile to see old friends at "work" and play. BZ
  19. I think its fantastic!! I'm always seeing navy videos (especially armerican) but hardly ever reserve units

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