RNR on Merchant ships?

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I remember a while back there was a proposal to use RNR personnel as armed guards on civilian merchant ships while they were travelling through areas where pirate attack was likely.

Did anything ever come of this? If so, how common is it now?



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I remember a while back there was a proposal.............
Where did you see this proposal?

IIRC a recent commander of EUNAVFOR said that with agreement from owner and flag state he could provide armed guards from naval forces under his command to merchant ships that requested it. The idea would mean some loitering and or altering of course to insert and recover the guards and perhaps there isn't much of an appetite for the bureaucracy, extra fuel and the possibility of missing a booked Suez slot north bound. Perhaps that's why we don't hear much of guards, be they Spanish Marines or in date RNR. Or convoys for that matter.

The above is thinking out loud, not the staff answer.

Hi troops,
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I can't for the life of me recall where I read it, it may well have been here or ARRSE, but it was a couple of years back.


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