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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by cheezestring, May 15, 2008.

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  1. I am currently in the RNR, and I am thinking that I would like to apply to be an officer at some point in the future. Will I be able to apply based on my GCSE’s alone like when you apply from within the RN, or do will I still need 180 UCAS points as well?
  2. Have a read of BR60A. It covers the methods of RNR officer entry, including from below decks.
  3. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    You cannot go to AIB without having requisite UCAS points. This is an AIB requirement and there are no exceptions when it comes to this.
  4. Just out of curiosity, I don't suppose anyone knows why they upped the number of points you need? It was 140 a year ago. And I hear potential Warfairies have to do aptitudes now as well. I thought the military was desperate for recruits at the moment, seems strange that they've made it more difficult now.
  5. The service isn't so desperate that it can't afford to have standards which candidates are expected to meet. The number of points act as a pre-filter and given the steady escalation in grade achievement then upping the points requirement has the effect of normalising that effect.
  6. Hmm. Clever. Think I joined at just the right time, they changed right after I'd been to AIB, although maybe I wouldn't have had to worry about the aptitudes because I've done FATs. Not sure how that works, maybe you have to do different sets of tests for different branches now.

    Either way it doesn't matter. Ta for the info.
  7. In an age where you can get 35 UCAS points for horse-riding (I wish I was joking), I'm surprised the AIB hasn't done some more drastic than simply upping the points requirement.
  8. What ever happened to leapfrogging a over a chair back whilst naked? (If you are not of a certain vintage you will not have a clue so don't ask. )
  9. On the other hand, of course, the AIB is thankfully not required to formally justify a rejection to the candidate, so they can (and do) fail people for just not being the right sort.

    Oh, for the old days, when you could just look at the candidate's tie and ask him how his Uncle Tristram was getting on as a QC.
  10. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "On the other hand, of course, the AIB is thankfully not required to formally justify a rejection to the candidate, so they can (and do) fail people for just not being the right sort."


    Go and observe an AIB - I did and was amazed at how they move heaven and earth to get people through. Its the most fair and open assessment I've ever seen. The feedback is honest and they genuinely want you to pass. The only ones that fail do so for failing to meet open criteria and they are told why they've failed and what they can do to improve.
  11. I've observed them, and I've had close involvement with sending over thirty candidates. Some people tick all the boxes but nonetheless fail. Some are told how to improve, and are told to go round again in the due course of time, and some are smiply told to never darken their door again. If they think you are not suitable to be an officer in the RN, you will be failed.

    The report returned on paper is a description of the marks allocated; the chat with the Board President is not on paper. I didn't say it wasn't fair; it's very fair. If you've not got what they're looking for, you'll fail. The fact that what they're looking for is probably impossible to quantify in black and white means that ultimately the numerical mark scheme is a guide. Often a pretty good guide, but you can bet your socks that if Joe McPsycho scores highly but would clearly get slotted by his own troop half-way up the beach, he won't quite score highly enough.
  12. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Oh dear, sad to see someone so bitter but there you go. As I've also sent lots of candidates to it both regular and reserve, I think we're equally qualified to judge.
    Its not about just hitting the right scores, but about demonstrating leadership, ability to act under pressure, do the CT's etc. I saw a candidate who gave possibly the most laughable performance ever, and was told not to come back - many reasons why, but what stuck was the fact that until the end they didnt give up on giving him a chance to shine.

    Your failures were simply not good enough on the day, or failed to demonstrate the factors that the RN is looking for. There is no shame in that and no need to cling to a "class war" mentality either.
  13. I think you misunderstand what I mean by "the right sort". YOU have the class war mentality here! I mean competent leaders (and we all know people we don't trust to tie their own shoelaces who nonetheless can lead well) - I think you interpreted it as some kind of snobbery.

    I agree exactly with your post above this one, but I maintain that the board can and will fail people for reasons other than pure numerical marks, and furthermore this is as it should be. For what it's worth, most of my failures were not unexpected (I don't pick them, I just send them) and I agree with every decision the board made about my candidates.

    Edit: While I'm here, cheezestring, go and find whichever officer in your RNR unit deals with officer candidates. They'll be able to give you some direction and, more importantly, help you ensure that your reports from training etc. mention your potential. At some stage, an AIB report will need to be written, and the officer writing it will need decent source material to assert your candidacy.
  14. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I disagree on the numerical marks point - fundamentally if a candidate performs badly - i.e. screws up command task and demonstrates very poor leadership potential in the process (as opposed to screws it up but keeps going and shows they've got the potential) then that will be reflected in their score. Everything is done on grading and a poor performance will result in a poor grade - there is nothing more to it.
  15. Fair enough - seems this is where we diverge, then. I believe that a 'good performance' can still result in a failure (although I accept that my terms here are not well-defined) for demonstrating (or not) characteristics that are very difficult to define.
  16. There doesn't seem to be too much agreement here on what exactly they are looking for on the AIB selection process.

    As a different way of looking at it, what is the approximate pass rate of AIB candidates?
  17. Not a scooby. I can tell you that about 70-80% of the guys sent from my unit passed, but on the board before I took mine one of the ten passed, and on mine it was closer to 60%. The only guarantee is that there is no quota for AIB passes.
  18. Well that sounds fair enough!
  19. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Fair enough Uncle A - I think we're arguing similar points here.

    Pass rate varies - but IIRC averages out at about 50 - 60% depending on who is going at anyone time.
  20. Well I'll just have to give it a fair shot then, and hope that the skills I've gained through URNU and SCC help me out lol.

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