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RNR Officer

Hi all,

Just curious to find out more about becoming an RNR officer.

I've tried looking via the RN website though it's rather vague (or I'm crap at surfing through it!)

Basically I'm looking for educational requirements, the training involved (a spell at Dartmouth no doubt!) etc.

HMS President is my nearest unit, and I've got the impression that there's quite a few who are usually going for their AIB.

Any gen would be great guys

Many thanks

You are not wrong about the RN website. I have commented to the previous webmaster that the ability to 'surf' from the home page to anything useful on the RNR is woefully inadequate (unfortunate that I chose to do so just after he left the post!).

There is an intention to introduce a direct RNR Officer entry, however for various reasons I wont go into here, its not in effect yet.

So to become an RNR Officer (without previous RN experience or any of the other get out clauses) you would have to join as a New Entry rating and complete NE training (inc HMS Raleigh) before being selected as an Officer Candidiate and sent Admiralty Interview Board (even if it is blindingly obvious at joining that you are qualifed for same).

PM me and I'll tell you more.

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