RNR Officer Training

I've got my AIB coming up very soon and was wondering if people could advise me on the training pipeline for a Reservist Officer?

I know it varies and can take up to two years, with time at sea and BRNC alongside training evenings and weekends, but I've been googling for a while and can't find many actual specifics....any help would be much appreciated!
In short:
1. AIB
2. General Naval Training on drill nights.
PLT/Leadership Stuff etc. etc.
3. Fleetboard
4. Start Branch Training

It's very, very, unlikely to be just two years. However ask the better-informed-bodies than I about "Project Hermes"
You could always ask the YOTO at your unit, he/she will give you chapter and verse, and also brief you on HERMES.
In short, the training pipeline is about 4 yrs long, based on about 8 weeks of courses, at 2 weeks per year, that equates to 4 years. Can be done quicker if you can get the time off work to do more than 2 weeks per year.

HERMES, is an 8 week course which runs during the summer (holidays to hit the students) and effectively delivers the 4 years worth in a "oner".

The AIB will probably expect you to be able to comment on what your future training is likely to be, so, again, I strongly recommend that you speak to your YOTO.



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It's all changed slightly (and will no doubt keep changing)

In unit training along with the recruits to learn the basics, along with extra officer specific things
Militarisation weekend at Raleigh going into the 1 week NMT100 rifle course
Marinisation weekend at BRNC, Dartmouth
(Doing more than one of each weekend is strongly encouraged)
Assessment weekend at BRNC
2 week confirmation course at BRNC after which promoted to Midshipman.

YO development weekends
EFSSC - a 2 day course at HMS Excellent or Raleigh
2 week sea time
Final Leadership Exercise assessment weekend at BRNC
Fleet board after which promoted to Sub Lieutenant

At this point you branch up but need to complete the following in the following year:
Divisional Officer's course, 2 weeks at HMS Collingwood
Junior Officer's Leadership Course - 2 weekends at HMS Collingwood

You're looking at 2+ years from post AIB to get to SLt and joining a specialisation. HERMES has reduced it's scope slightly and is now aiming to produce Middies not SLts - getting Fleetboard ready in eight weeks is a rather big ask after all.

Rumours that the DOs course requirement was added just so jokes about Sub Lieutenants Under Training could still be made are entirely unfounded.


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That sounds a far more professional approach than when I did it a few years ago, although I still fail to understand the rationale for the nmr100 course - particularly when you used to be able to do it at whale island over two weekends.

It's good to see real structure, rather than the old world of made up courses without clear rationale driving it. Anyone else remember the ops HQ Slt - Lt requirement was two weeks at sea and do a task book which didn't exist?


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NMT100 is a joint requirement that all service personnel, regardless of service, will be introduced to the rifle as early as possible.
Another one of those joint requirements that obviously never got round to being applied to me.

But then I was shooting what would have been marksman scores with L85A1, back in 1996... so maybe I got away with it on the basis that "we've already met".


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NMT100 is a joint requirement that all service personnel, regardless of service, will be introduced to the rifle as early as possible.
Do the Army Reserve have to do a week long course though? For me the inability to create a proper 2/3 weekend regional course sums up everything that is wrong with the RN approach to the RNR.

I mean we could even make it tri-service...
The course is simply a collection of lessons from the joint pamphlet. It can be done one lesson a week over 5-6 weeks, or over a couple of weekends, provided currency is maintained with extra refreshers. The lead school for the NMT 100 is the NMT at RAL, it is thier call to deliver courses regionally at weekends, or train the trainers so the trained can train at the weekend. It is my understanding that things are moving in a positive direction, but at normal monolithic speed.


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So we have yet to regain a training capabilty that we were delivering 15 years ago by the rnr at whale island that saw recruits go from no experience to firing naval marksmanship test in 4 days over two weekends?

How is this progress?
15 years ago, the course was delivered to an entirely different standard. All Small Arms Courses are now delivered to the standard contained in the Joint (read army) Pham.
The RN decided to bring all training into Lead Schools, and though that is painful, with OFSTED inspections, this was the right move. Imagine the field day OFSTED would have at HMS RNR UNIT!! Now that it has been taken "in house" at the Lead Schools, the Lead Schools can now release (slowly - too slowly for most) the "train the trainer" concept in a controlled manner that will survive first contact with the enemy (ie OFSTED).

Not ideal by any means, however the whole training thing, across all services has been considerably re-vamped in the last 15 years. Whilst we may suck our teeth and complain about the good ol days, the sad reality is that this is reality, and we have to get on and make do within the new constraints.

A massive inconvenience, however, once bedded in, like the Recruit/New Entry Training/INT (what ever we call it now), we will see a massively more professional and effective training approach that delivers considerably enhanced courses that result in a much more rounded trainee.

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