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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by eallan, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. Evening all,

    I passed AIB for regular entry in March 2011 but wasn't called forward to BRNC.
    This morning a recruitment officer called me and asked if I was willing to go forward as an RNR officer. I said yes of course. But I'm unsure if - post-fleet board - I can move into a specific role if I am a reservist (I passed for XSM) , or will I be given job-specific training if I am due to mobilise?
    The RN and Sabre websites are pretty unclear on it.

  2. Eating pies, getting in the way and generally looking scruffy are the traditional core roles of an RNR Officer.......
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  3. That, I can do.
  4. Quite obviously, you wanted to be a Submariner.
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  5. Roles within the RNR

    Standby for a few new ones to possible make the list in the near future. You'll get plenty of briefs once you're in, and more importantly meet people actually in the branches to gain an idea of what really goes on.

    You'll also need to have no capacity to remember how divisions is organised each time it comes around...
  6. just wondering that in your heart of hearts???? that when his lordship phoned you with the very nice offer of joining the RNVR!!!!:laughing1: You really did want to tell him to foxtrot oscar, as you wanted to join the REAL NAVY , but had to bite your tongue, knowing that it would be career damaging, to do so......suppose we will never know??:(
  7. EA

    Was the person who rang from an AFCO or someone from the call centre just doing a trawl of callers who had shown an interest in applying to be an Officer?
  8. EA, if you pop down to your local unit and chat to the recruiting officer, they will give you the advice you need. (As well as bitting your arms off and saying WELCOME.) And by the way, what is your local unit?
  9. Sol - replied to you on Facebook.

    SR - I have a day off on Tuesday so I'll head down and have a chat with them. My local unit is Dalriada, I think they moved from Greenock to the RMR unit in the southside of Glasgow.
  10. You mean it is supposed to stay the same every time?
  11. Shippers I had this straight from the two and a half at the Newcastle RNR unit:

    1) amphibious ops (STOM type stuff)

    2) Mine Warfare -fleet argumentation and fleet mining unit.

    3) INTEL - Info operations or media operations I.e. TF 151 MTO IIRC etc.

    4) Air branch - EX pilots, 2nd line maintenance etc.

    I only know as I revised this as well as a load of other RNR stuff.
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  12. Dalriadia are short of officers, so you will certainly have your arms bitten off! Good luck and enjoy the RNR
  13. dsgrnmcm - Many thanks, extra detail is much appreciated.

    SR - Had a missed call today from a blocked caller, assume it was an RN number so it was a pretty quick reaction to my initial yes!
  14. There are plenty of blocked numbers around, so do as you said go and see the recruiter with a list of questions you want to ask, so that you can come away well informed before you jump in feet first, do not be afraid to ask any question you think is relevant?
  15. Got an email this morning, so am now going to the recruitment evening at Dalriada next week.
  16. Good look I hope you find what you are looking for in the RNR when you originally applied for the RN
  17. Hey! I don't eat pies....
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  18. You will!........
  19. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Good news, but be certain that you really want this and not regular entry. My understanding is that taking this will 'spend' your AIB pass, and you cannot use an RNR position to become a regular officer.

    Also, entry into the Intelligence world is through a further weekend long assessment process, and a pass is by no means certain...
  20. Several in my unit have come into the RNR YO class, then retaken their AIB to get a higher score and go Regular from there. However, there's the risk that you retake your AIB and don't improve...

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