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Hello All, long time reader and first time poster here. I'm a current URNU student and I'm applying for HERMES 2016 as I'd like a little break from institutions before going regulars in a few years time, I'm searching online for different RNR officer roles but I don't seem able to find much information at all both on roles and the actual branches of the RNR itself. Is there anyone who can explain me to me their role in the RNR and what the branches actually do in terms of the wider navy?


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In broad terms the RNR Officer cadre provides a combination of specialist and often highly niche subject matter expertise in some areas, coupled with a broader strategic leadership and managerial function to help keep the organisation administered and running smoothly.

You won't find yourself as CO of a major warship, rather an augmentee providing timely accurate and valuable advice to the Command chain to help achieve effect.


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I strongly recommend you get registered with your nearest unit. Get invited to a recruiting evening, then you will be able to ask all these questions face to face.

There is no commitment to continue with your application once you have attended (although I recognise you have applied for HERMES 2016).


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Top tip - the paperwork for Hermes 16 says you have to confirm that you're not applying for regular service. Now they may take you based on an expressed future desire at some point to join full time but have a think about FR20, government targets and what you want to join full time as, and whatever age cut-off exists for that.

If they can fill the numbers with people who want to make a career of the reserves then they will take those. There's nothing wrong with doing the direct entry RNR officer route and doing the 2 years training. Realistically you're not going to mobilise during the period before you join up full time either way, and in terms of what useful preparation you'll get for a full time career I'd argue the 2 year route is best.

Actually to be honest if you're feeling keen and wanting something that will benefit you join the RMR and get your green lid. Plenty of medics do it.


I understand that Hermes is looking for applicants not applying for the regulars, but it was the PO at the AFCO that told me that I'm young enough to go regulars afterwards and having spoken to a few people in the RNR and the RN they seem supportive of the idea.
I was due to go to King Alfred's open evening on the 5th Dec but it turns out that I'm going on OCEAN for a week with the URNU.


I also have a question along similar lines folks: At my initial RNR recruitment presentation, for RNR officers the WO mentioned specialising into Warfare, Intelligence, Force protection , Logistics etc. Has anyone got an idea of how far along the line you would start to do this? Would it be immediately after you've completed your initial RNR officer training? I'm sure this is something that will come up in the sift interview, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.


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Straight after Phase 1, which can mean its anything from 16 weeks (HERMES), to about 2 years. Where in UK are you?
As an orrifficer, you won't be specialising in Force Protection!

Your best option is to get down to your unit and talk to them, the AFCOs do not always know exactly what the score is.


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It's a little more complicated than Trainer sets out.

Phase 1 in its entirety is up to Fleet Board which HERMES doesn't take you up to. The speediest this year attended the December Fleet Board.
Even once you're through that you need to complete the Divisional Officer's course and the Junior Officer's Leadership Course 1 (do the RNR weekend version, it is cracking) next as part of Phase 2. You can start attending specialisation weekends at that point but you won't be going on long courses until you've cracked Phase 2. The good news is that you have a decent financial incentive to get through those.

There's quite a lot of specialisation choice available for officers, you'll find out a lot more once you're in and start meeting people. Good luck

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