RNR Officer questions


Firstly, may I apologise for asking yet another question about this but, having researched the RNR site and on here as well, there appears to be some differences in the information. I guess this is where the real world and the 'official' world meet!!

Anyway, i'm 29 years old and have been thinking of joining the RNR for some time, although until now I have not been in a position to commit to doing so.

Having read various bits of information about DE Officers the answers sometimes contradict each other. So, here are my questions, in order to try and find some sort of definitive 'real world' answer.

1. Can anyone apply for entry as a DE Officer?

2. If you join via this route does it restrict what branches you can join?

3. I understand that the training takes 18-24 months, what does this involve? How much actualy training is there during this period?

I've got quite a few more questions but i'll hang fire for now!

Thanks in advance for your replies.


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Basically, as long as you're edumacationally qualified then you can apply to join as an officer.

All branches require officers, however some branches have more opportunities than others.

However, and this is a bit of a hobby horse, why do you want to be an officer? Why not just join the RNR and then see if you want to go forward to officer training or not.
In answer to your training question.

You need to pass AIB 2-3 days at Sultan (info available via RN website)
Junior Officer task book 6-8 months of drill nights (2 hours a week)
Junior Officer task book weekends (4 x 2 days)
RNR Officers course Dartmouth (2 weeks) pass-fail on fitness and leadership.
Sea Time on board one of HM Warships (2 weeks)
Fleet Board (5 written test + Oral board)

BINGO you’re off probation and into branch

Each branch is different but you should be able to enter a branch and attain trained strength within 18 months.