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Is it possible to become an officer in the RNR later on if you have initially joined as a Rating? I could not be considered for direct entry as I do not pocess sufficient UCAS points, although I am studying a Masters degree in Law.

I have heard conflicting advice on this area so I am understandably a little confused. Hopefully some of you guys might be able to shed a little light on it?

It certainly is, and many officers in the RNR began life as ratings.

However, in my experience (I stand by to be corrected; I last saw someone get knocked back for not having a good enough maths GCSE grade about five years ago, and things may well have changed) there is no way around the minimum educational requirements and historically having some higher qualification is not considered acceptable in lieu of the minimum requirements, and having been a rating for a few years doesn't make a difference; if you don't have the UCAS points, you don't have the UCAS points. Will your Masters in Law come with extra UCAS points?

Our resident Careers Office Advisor will be along soon enough to lay down the law, I expect.


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If you really do want to join the RNR then I would suggest that you need to ask the following:
Do you want to be a manager or a practitioner? Most officers spend their time doing paperwork related activities, while ratings tend to be more involved in coal face work - a fairly broad generalisation, but an important one. Its much harder to deploy as an officer and takes longer to get there, while ratings can be deployed fairly easily.

Officer in RNR is not all its cracked up to be.
No mate I don't believe it does carry extra UCAS points. I didn't do A levels I did an access course which doesn't count. It looks like I will have to obtain 180 points by doing a separate course at least some other way. I have to admit it does seem barmy that you can have guys with 1st class honours degrees but that doesn't matter. You see my point.

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It's a bit of a "woolly one", from what I recall. COMRES makes the call.

If you apply the same rules as the regular service for UY/SUY you only need the prerequisite GCSE's (5/4 respectively including maths & English)...but you must have achieved trained status as a rating, before eligible, without the UCAS points. A degree is not accepted in lieu of the UCAS points.

In other words a RNR trainee, needs the full GCSE & A Level qualifications to be eligible for selection for RNR Officer.

Chapter 50 applies, (couldn't find owt in Chapter 102): http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/News-an...s/Naval Publications/BR 3/br3book/prelims.pdf


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I think the key word in your initial post is 'studying'. Until such time as you actually get your LLM or MSc. you do not have the requisite Quals for direct entry Officer. Howver, there are equivalences from other Pathways (such as BTEC), that might encompass your Access Course but as I see it, when you get it, Masters Degree trumps A levels. CW can come from the trained strength, not I think Phase 1 or 2 training, and as Ninja Stoker suggests, the rules are different there. I wont climb the tree and show my ass too much because it's a while since I had a CW mentee.So:Direct entry RNR Officer- possibly not qualified (check what equivalency your access course has).Yardie - Complete RNR INT then go for commission.To cut to the chase - talk to a professional recruiter....And remember, in terms of the Officer Cadre, the RNR/RN is looking for leaders, not academics..........


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Accepted qualifications are listed here, BR3 Chapter 7 article/table 0756: http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/News-an...ents/Naval Publications/BR 3/br3book/ch07.pdf

Access courses & foundation courses, even if they have a UCAS value are not usually accepted, but the AIB Officer Entry Section are the authoritative reference source and the usual drill is to ask your unit Recruiting Officer to take copies of all certificates held and forward them to AIB for verification.

A Degree doesn't always trump A Levels unfortunately, bizarre though that may seem, as AIB require an unbroken history of academic attainment. That said, I have previously heard a second non-vocational degree could sometimes be accepted in lieu of A Levels, if approved by AIB, but not a first degree.

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