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I am currently a Police Officer based within the North West and am interested in expanding my life experiences with a career with the Royal Navy Reserves. Prior to joining the Police, I studied Modern Languages at university and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Spanish and French.

Having considered the various roles within the online prospectus for the Royal Navy Reserves, I am keenly interested in joining the Reserves through the direct entry scheme as an Officer working within Human Intelligence, using my linguistic fluency in Spanish.

Can anybody provide any information in respect of this role (Human Intelligence) as there is very little on the RNR website. Likewise, would anybody be able to provide any additional information in respect of training that I would undertake should I be successful in applying and becoming an officer working within Human Intelligence.

I have read that this Unit is based at HMS Ferret in Bedfordshire but my local training centre is in Liverpool. Would I have to complete all of my training in Bedfordshire or just specialist training applicable to the role of Human Intelligence?

Thanks all
I am suprised as a policeman you would post something, the details of which, are so obviously not for public consumption.

What I am happy to convey is the fact that you will have to go to your local unit until fleet board which could be expected to take around 18 months. After that you can consider specialisation.

Any further communication on this topic should be taken offline.

Good luck with your application.

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