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I've had an interest in the Royal Navy for a while but I'm also interested in a career in filmmaking. I thought about joining the reserves as an officer cadet after A-Levels for some added flexibility but I can't find a clear answer about how much freedom this offers.

Is there a minimum required contract (i.e. 4 or 5 years) or can you leave at any time, even after training? I also heard there is a sped up course where you can go through a full training process and go back to reserves though I'm not sure if this was an old program which is no longer available. I just want to keep my options open before committing to anything but the information seems to be quite varied.


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1. Unless mobilised you can leave at anytime, but some notice is considered "appropriate".

2. A course for officers (ten weeks, I think?) runs each summer at BRNC. It is designed to be a swift route to Midshipman, particularly aimed at those in full time education, but any O Cadet who can get the time away from civilian commitments is eligible.. You will need to have attended your unit, and passed an AIB before you can be loaded onto the course.


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That sounds great. Would I likely be able to pass the AIB in time if I finished school in June or would I be waiting another year?
I think a huge number of stars would need to align to achieve that in the current calendar year, especially as there is an AIB backlog still being cleared. I am not an new entry specialist so it may be worth asking, just to prove me wrong. It would be remiss of me to not manage your expectations, I have to type as I see it.

My advice would be to start your application (which will take a while anyway) get embedded with your unit, and aim for the long course next year. If, on the off-chance all the hurdles can be sorted for you earlier, then so much the better. Nowt to loose.

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