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I'm midway through my RNR officer application, would anyone be able to clear up what the minimum commitment is for RNR officers? I'm aware of the time commitment in terms of training and week-by-week stuff, but how many years are you obliged to serve after you complete your training? I've read that you just opt out at any point after a months notice, but I don't know whether that would be subject to a review/reserved for special cases.
One of the most important things about being an officer, is your ability to inspire your men and women with confidence in your knowledge and abilities.
Perhaps a quiet (not on the web for all to see) word with the unit you wish to join would give you the very latest and correct info (though I think PT is about 100% correct).

I'm sure the YOTO would be deighted to chat with you.


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You don't want a YOTO, you want a recruiting officer. Unfortunately I'm the former, and not even a proper one of those.

PT is correct you can leave at any point, though technically you could be mobilised in the month's notice you have to give. However as an officer you will receive a uniform grant which the last time I checked had to be repaid in part if you left within 2 years. Now the bonus scheme is in place that might also come with return of service obligation, though you won't be receiving any cash until post BRNC (circa a year in) so you aren't being press ganged in.

Have a think about why you're asking though. Fair enough if you're just crossing and dotting - but if you go in with half an eye on the exit then direct entry officer might not be for you. It is essentially a three year programme of significantly more than 24 days a year - great fun and hard work but not for everyone. Every RNR Junior Rate's mess has plenty of people qualified to be officers who enjoy the much reduced responsibility, shorter time to trained strength and frankly more exciting training.
Thanks for the replies. I am 100% on joining at officer level and understand the training involved, I just felt that I needed to find out fully what I was getting into, and thought the implications of asking that at AFCO would be negative.
Chances are the AFCO won't be able to spell RNR, let alone tell you about it. (However, despite that general assumption, not all are that bad). The key is the unit. Chat to them, meet them, link with them. It is they who will benefit from you joining, and it is they who will help you, even if the question(s) seem to be a bit nieave - you won't be the first to ask that question!


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I've checked 2015DIN01-164 and the RNR officer financial incentive does not come with an attached return of service as the payments are staged on you completing parts of training.

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